Thursday, April 3, 2014

#100happydays Week 5 recap

This week was a little weird...a couple days I put something on as my happy moment which normally really never makes me happy, but they made it anyway.  I will explain with the pics.

                                                                            Day 29
Don't ask!!!  I'm a total dork...I own it and wear it without shame!  ;)   I actually was very happy and pleasantly surprised when my bestie from AZ called me up at work to chat for a few.  We chat on a regular basis, but it's usually through text or FB, so thanks Steph, for a happy moment and it was great to hear your voice!! :D

                                                                       Day 30
The quote pretty much says it all. Coloring and creating are therapy for me, there is just something about making things pretty or creating something out of almost anything.  Granted, I can't draw worth beans, but I sure do love coloring.   These images are from a color along I was doing with Alyce from Kit and Clowder (her button is on my sidebar if you want to check out her site), she is an amazing colorist and I've been taking a class from her. These images are all my attempts to get a coloring done that I am actually happy with.  Alyce says "practice, practice, practice" so that's what I've been doing!!

                                                                         Day 31
This is one of the weird ones I was talking about. People that know me, know that I am not an up close and personal animal lover. I love them from a distance, I find them so cute and enjoy watching them, looking at fun pics and other things and there are a very few dogs that I actually will let up on my lap and snuggle with, but for the most part........NO!  I don't like to be jumped on, licked and drooled on, I don't like animal hair, or having to clean up after them.   These two..........Harley and Gunner are my sisters dogs, she is in town with her family, her two dogs and her three cats.  Gunner, honestly looks like ALF and when I was taking pics, it just looks like he's smiling for the camera....made me laugh and definitely put a smile on my face.

Day 32
Went on a Sunday drive on a new road that connects our town to Sand Hollow Lake and Rec area, the drive was really pretty and seriously the new road cuts off about 20 minutes of drive time to reach the lake.  It was a gorgeous day, some darker clouds and I LOVE cloudy days, we saw this little historic house and enjoyed visiting and enjoyed the view.  I decided we need to take more Sunday drives and enjoy our area a little more!

Day 33
Ok...this day really was a weird one.  I ended up taking the day off work to spend with my sister, but then her husband wanted her to go to the lake with him and the kids...blah, blah, so she was going to try to hurry, put an appearance in, ride on the 4 wheeler and then get back to town so we could  hang, relax and visit....didn't happen and I didn't want to waste my day, nor did I want to go into work when I had already taken the for the first time....I went to the movie BY MYSELF!  I've almost decided that is the BEST way to go to the movie.....on a Monday, in the middle of the afternoon, only 3 people in the theatre....YES PLEASE!  I really enjoyed myself.  And for any Veronica Mars fans.....the movie was a long time coming!  :D
                                                                              Day 34
Didn't have any thing that day that really popped as a happy moment, until I saw that Ash had taken a bunch of selfies on my phone!  Well, dear sweet girl, this is what happens when you do get put on my blog with your bugged out eyes and your open-mouthed sneer!  Love this funny, goofty, sweet girl.  She makes me happy and makes me laugh.

Day 35
Another unusual one for me.  I was trying to get my sisters cats to play.  This sweetie is Peekaboo, she wasn't in a very playful mood, but she did get friendlier and let me pet her before she got spooked and hid under the bed.   I always figured if I were an animal I would be a cat.  They come to you when THEY want attention and otherwise, they want to be left alone.......I'm kinda like that!  And they nap...alot, I don't nap alot, but I'd like to be able to nap whenever I felt like it, I'd find a nice sunny spot on the floor, stretch out and sleep, and if someone tried to wake me up, I'd scratch the crap out of em!

 Well, another week down.  I'm finding it fun to find the little happy moments throughout the day.  Some days it's more of a challenge, but most days I can find something pretty easy, and I'm finding that I'm a little happier by looking for things to be happy about!

Hope you all have a happy week!! :)

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