Monday, September 1, 2008

Did I mention??

That dating sucks? I'm pretty sure I have mentioned that before........let me do a recap of this weekends date/chats/break-ups.

First I had a date planned with V for Friday night, he lives in the Salt Lake area. I made plans with him because my friend Twila and I were going up to see our other friend Cheri...Twila ended up not being able to go and then I was kinda stuck with this date. I would have cancelled on him, but I already did that once to him and felt bad, wishing that I at least would have gone out once with him. So, not wanting to break his little heart (yeah right;) I drove up Friday afternoon so we could go out around 7ish. Well V shows up at 7:30....that to me isn't's 7:30ish.... ...anyway, we go to dinner. He says he's pretty hungry, I haven't eaten for awhile, but am not starving, so we go to this place called Rumbi Island Grill, check out the menu outside first, then he asks me how hungry I am...I said I wasn't THAT hungry, so he says well lets just order one meal and share it. Huh? Um okay he orders and only orders us ONE share. At least he likes Diet Coke, but honey, I can down a half gallon of DC in one sitting and he has us sharing one 20oz. Oh my! Then we go to the movie, that's fine, I love movies......and he holds my hand and "cuddles" with me the whole movie. By this time, I was kinda hopin that maybe I would be excited to be "holding hands" with someone,but nah..........nope, not at all.
Movie gets over, he takes me home, we sit and talk for awhile and then he walks me to the door, a hug and a kiss....and there ya have it. Definitely not the worst date I've been on, just a little weird.

Was chatting with B online and he proceeds to ask me if I want to meet and make-out with him. Ummmmm, was there some kinda time warp that put me back in high school that I'm not aware of? people still do that? Have make-out buddies??? I mean I guess if he was drop dead gorgeous I could justify a little gratuitous bumpin and grindin.......but then again.....NO. LOL. I can't just make out for the sake of makin out. There has to be some sort of relationship, not just friends with benefits!

Last one, I promise! I've been talking with J for over a month, we have had so many long deep, meaningful conversations, I really like him. I just don't like him the way he likes me. And I'm sad that we can't talk anymore,but it would be harder for both of us to continue talking when I know that I'm not feeling that way and I know that the more we talk, the more he likes me......hmmm such a dilemma because I really do need a good friend. I think it's hard though for men and women to be "just friends" somewhere along the line, someone starts to have feelings for the other one. ......and that is great if the feelings are just sucks when they are not.

So, for right at this moment, I've only got one person that I'm still kinda chatting with, I hope to get to meet him someday soon, but if not that is totally fine by me!! This dating crap gets emotionally exhausting after awhile. Time to take a break!!


  1. Oh my goodness. V sounds like he could squeak walking down the street. Dating does truly suck.

  2. Dating does suck. I hated it. There is something almost exciting about it but there is so much about that is wierd, awkward, strange. It sucks. Sending hopes that your next date rocks!

  3. Ugh, how awkward! I'm sure you'll find someone. What's that saying - you have to kiss some frogs???


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