Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Wagon--

Yep, I fell off..............crap! I went a whole 3 weeks with maybe 1/4 of a small diet coke, well in the last 3 days I've had, I need to rededicate myself. Water just got really boring, and I had several weak moments, and it tasted oh so good..but I will not fall back into my old habits. No Sirree, No Way, No How. So, I will leave you with this thought, actually the thought is probably just for me, because I don't think anyone reads this..but by some chance that you stumble across and stay long enough to goes. It's not profound by any means but it says what needs to be said. I think it's a Chinese proverb or something like that.

If you fall down seven times, get up eight.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


This is what I worked on last night while I was watching "HOUSE" I haven't followed the series before, so I rented season one and am watching episode after episode. I have to say that this my favorite way to watch a series..all at once ;) I love to multi-task!!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sweet baby

My brother in law and his wife came through town yesterday from Salt Lake on their way to Vegas and picked up Ash for the weekend. My former mother in law is throwing a baby shower for them, they're expecting their first's a girl!! Just wanted to share a card that I made for them. Either my camera sucks, or my photography skills do...I'm guessing it's me.
The card is based on a sketch from Triple the Sketch , the lamb is a rub-on from a kit from QVC, ribbon, and rub-on letters from Doodlebug. I outlined the circle and the heart with a glitter pen, but with my sucky camera skills, ya can't see it......I hope they like it, plus it gave me a chance to shop for cute baby girl clothes!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Congratulations Smarty Pants!!

A couple days ago I was scrambling to think of an idea for a gift for my boyfriend who is graduating with his masters, I had to think fast, get it together and get it in the mail. I usually like to give gifts that are a little different, outside the box, creative and fun. Well, this is what I came up with. I made a card with a cute little owl dressed in graduation cap and gown, with his cute little glasses perched on his nose, beak, whatever...anyway, the card on the outside said "Congratulations" on the inside it said "smarty pants". I bought a pair of boxer shorts and a bag of smarties candies, put it in a box and sent it on it's merry way. I expressed mailed it to make dang good and sure that it got there yesterday before he leaves out of town. He got it just after he had finished taking his last final. Needless to say that he called to say that I had made his day...Yay me, and Yay him.

I'll just add this little bit, to go with the blogger challenge on 2peas. How I met my closet friend. My friend Steph and I have been friends for about 14-15 years and we met because our husbands worked together. I think we hit it off fairly well right from the start, although, I still remember my husband at the time commenting on how good she looked in a bikini.....grrrr. Not her fault, husband could have just kept that comment to himself...........could have kept a lot of things to himself..that's why he's no longer husband! Anyway, Steph and I feel like we are sisters separated at We totally think along the same lines, can look at each other and know what the other is thinking, have a lot of the same likes, dislikes, and can laugh our asses off. We can spend a weekend together scrapping or shopping and not get tired of each other, we can talk everyday, or go a couple weeks without and it's fine. I know that she is there for me in any way she can be, and I would do anything to help is definately good when you have a good friend that you love and can count on.

I would post a pic of me and Steph, but when I went to upload to my computer, it erased EVERY picture on my card.......GRRRRR. Plus you all have to remember that I'm still tryin to figure out how to use the different features and I still haven't gotten the linking thing down yet. But, I will prevail and I will figure this stuff out...I will not give up!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Like everyone else

I decided to join ranks with everyone else at work, my friends, and everyone else and their dog...I decided to chop it off. It seems like everyone I know has gone short. I figured that spring is here, summer is coming and it was time for a change. I went back and forth with this decision right up until I was sitting in Sunny's chair and she asked what we were doing. I made a split second decision and said Chop It. So, this is the result.It's shorter in the back and flips up a little.. all in all I really like it.

Now, I'm off to yell, cheer, mutter under my breath, scream, curse and whatever else comes with the 3rd playoff game between the Ut Jazz and the Houston Rockets....Go JAZZ!!!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Yep, I'm itchin....for a diet coke! I bet ya'll were wondering how I was doing huh? Well, even if you don't give a rat's furry behind, I'm gonna tell ya anyway. I WANT ONE!!! It's been two weeks today since my effort to give up my beloved DC and some days have been hard, and some days have been difficult, and a couple days were pure hell. On those couple of pure hellish days I actually broke down and ordered a drink......I know I know.. but in my defense, the first one I only had 4 sips and the second one I drank about 1/4 of it and then felt the guilt set in and dumped it out. AHHHHHH, I want to cry! Today was bad, I wanted one so bad that I could actually taste it, feel it, embrace it, burp it back up....but, I did not give into temptation. YAY ME!!!

So, last Saturday my friend and I got a wild hair up our backside and decided to drive to Laughlin...NV, which for me is a 3 hour drive. We went to crash a scrapbook getaway that we used to attend with religious ferver every 6 months, but haven't attended in about 2 years. My friend used to own the company that would host this getaway and since she turned the reigns over to someone else we decided to take a break....but are now "itchin" to get back to it. These getaways are pretty dang cool. We usually head up Thursday night and stay until Sunday. The way this is setup is that we reserve the ballroom of a hotel and there are around 100+ women that attend, a lot of these women attend with the same religious ferver that we used to, so we see the same faces and make friends! We set up our scrapbook stuff at our table on Friday and scrap to our little hearts content until Sunday afternoon, taking breaks only to eat and pee. Those are musts. We leave our stuff out at our table the whole time we are there, so there's none of this packin up, unpackin crap. The owner of the company also brings her "store" with her and sets it up so we can shop..there are prizes, drawings, classes, and they also feed us a couple times. Sweet!!!

So, even though we didn't pack a lot of our scrap stuff with us and really wasn't planning on doing a whole lot of anything, we actually did get a few layouts done. I started working on a gift album and we made a mini album, and I did this layout of my daughter. My friend and I are planning on doing a challenge starting next month of doing one layout a I will be posting lots more stuff!! Now, remember, I'm not a professional photographer as I'm sure you can tell from the quality of the picture below..(it looks much better in person) but Im doin my best here people!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Bright Sunshiney Day

A change of attitude and different perspective can mean a world of open possibilities..and that can be exciting. I've always admired people who seem to know what they want and go after it with determination and focus..I want to be that kind of person. I know that it will take time and effort, because I'm not naturally self-motivated or driven.......I just let life happen and go with the flow, but for the people who MAKE life happen..all I can say is Bravo. One, day I hope to be like you.

I've survived so far my effort to rid myself of my beloved Diet Coke..yesterday I actually ordered a small one, but I took about 3 sips and dumped it out. I didn't want to break my 4 day running streak...besides that, it didn't taste as good. All I've been drinking is water..kinda have to force myself, but I'm doing it. Now, if I can just quit hitting the drive through of McD's for breakfast every morning I might make some progress... ;)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A little bit schlumpy

I've been in a slump lately..I think just feeling unmotivated and overwhelmed. Don't get me wrong, my life is so blessed and I am very lucky....just feeling a little bit schlumpy. I guess sometimes I start playin around in the pity puddle, and I hate when I'm splishin and splashin and knee deep in gucky, slimy, woe is me. do you get out of a rut? Well, that's what I've been trying to figure out. I've been doin a lot of thinkin lately, self examination, that sort of thing. The only thing I can come up with is that it's up to me...(with a lot of help from the BIG MAN upstairs). I can do something about it and be better and stronger, or I can continue playing in the goopy, pit of despair.

I think I've realized that I feel a little unaccomplished, and to fix that I need to start setting goals. I look at the overall big picture and get too overwhelmed.. then I feel like a loser, I tend to quit before I even begin. A co-worker of mine had some good advice, he said.......take baby steps. Make a small goal for the day and just accomplish that, if you do nothing else for the day, just accomplish that one small goal. It's like the saying "you can't eat an elephant all at once, but bite by bite...." something like that. So, I've been putting that into practice........and I now have made it through my 3rd day with no diet coke!!! Yay me!! That doesn't seem like a big deal, but for's HUGE.

I've also realized that I need to make a serious effort into cleaning up my diet and exercising more.....I've gotten pretty lazy. Well, guess what? I don't really like myself all that much when I feel that way, and guess what? It's something that I have control over, I just need to quit hitting snooze and get out of bed in the morning.

Also, the last thing that I've realized is that I need to start creating again. Whether it be scrapbooking or painting, I just need to make the time for it, heck, I've got the time...I just need to do it. I was looking through my photo albums and some projects that I've done and it's giving me a little push to get creative again. Here's a little something that I made for a friends bridal shower a few months ago.
I had fun making this frame...........I need to get the creative juices flowin again.....I need that creative outlet, it's like therapy...
So, for now I have a few things that I know I need to work on and hope that by making a few small changes, it will bring about big results....see, I already feel better... :)

Saturday, April 5, 2008

I Wish I Could Quit You

I have a Love/Hate relationship........and this is the object of my on again/off again love affair. Diet Bobby Boucher's mama says.."it's the debil"...and it's my addiction. And if you don't know who Bobby Boucher is....I suggest watching "The Waterboy"

Yesterday my goal was not to have a D.C. and I actually accomplished that it wasn't acutally a set in stone, written down, spoken out loud goal, sooooooooo... while Ash and I were at the movie..I had a soda-it was diet pepsi though, so I don't think that counts!!! It's a pretty sad thing that I've been a diet coke junkie since I was in Jr. High. On my bad days I could drink (3) 42 oz.. and it's fountain diet coke-not necessarily bottles or cans, but the fountain..yummmmmmy, it's like my constant makes me feel better instantly. That's pretty sad, I know it's an emotional addiction......but hey, if I can get through one day without it, maybe I can get through two!!