Thursday, February 24, 2011 weekend starts

in two hours!!! I'm gettin off work early, pickin up the kid from school, going home to pack and heading out! Where am I going you might wonder...and even if y ou don't wonder, I'm gonna tell ya anyway! PRIMM.....yep, that's where I'm going for a couple days. Where is PRIMM you might ask?'s in the middle of I-15 between Vegas and..... whatever else lies beyond Vegas, which would be a lot of deserty landscape, some run down little ghostly towns and then I think ya might eventually hit Bakersfield CA.

Primm isn't somewhere that I would just "choose" to go...but the cool thing that my very very very good bestest friend and her family are there for the weekend for the WORCS races...(quad racing--4 wheelers)) ! and Ash are headed down to spend time with them. My Ash and her Cass are very good friends too, so this will end up kinda being a girls weekend! We plan on eating (of course!), shopping (duh!), Steph and I will hit the casino for a little gamblin (shhhhh..don't tell) and then of course, more eating, shopping, and laughing, shopping, eating, laughing, (a little more gambling) and then maybe a little birthday dinner for Ash. My Ash will be 15 on Sunday.....holy crap! Not ready for that.

On the way home, we plan on stopping in Vegas. I really want to go to RETRO BAKERY in Vegas, I saw them on Bakerella's blog and SOOOO want one of those cupcakes......or 7!!

I'll let ya know how the weekend goes, and hopefully will have a lot of pics to share!

Friday, February 18, 2011

A note of thanks!

I used this challenge over at The Paper Variety to make a thank you card for my co-workers. They were super sweet and threw a luncheon in honor of my upcoming wedding. I've worked with some of these people for 8years, they've seen me at my worst-just after my divorce and gave me moral support when my ex was giving me a hard time and fighting me at every turn, they are as happy as I am that I have a really great guy in my life and will be tying the knot soon!

Here is the sketch..............

The card based from the sketch!

And...the man I will be saying "I DO" to in two weeks!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Payin it Forward

I just received this award today from sweet is that? Tracy and I have a lot in common, she's like my Candian soul sister! She has a great blog, with tons of tutorials, projects, life happenings, and should definitely check her out! is how the award works.
Now in order to accept this award I need to share 8 things about me and pass this on to 8 other bloggers. So here it goes....
1) I am getting married March 5th after being divorced for 9 years.
2) I am addicted to diet coke and chocolate!
3) I LOVE being creative
4) I love lazy days, having a movie marathon and eating popcorn
5) I love watching my kids play sports. ( I end up being one of those obnoxious mom's that annoy me, so yes...........I end up even annoying myself!! ;)
6) I have to have lotion on my hands after washing them and before touching paper...(shudder)
7) I have the best family and friends in the world
8) I have made some great online friends and really enjoy reading everyone's blogs!
And here are the blogs I chose to forward this award to:
1) Jillian-at JilianBean Crafts
3) Emily-Just Me
4) Monica-Simply Remarkable
I hope you get a chance to check out these blogs and leave them some love...I chose them all for different reasons, but they all have style!! ;D

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wow!! Thanks!

Becky, over at Fourth House on the Right gave me this blog award

How nice is that?!!!! Super nice I tell ya!! You should check out Becky's blog, she is always creating something so cute and has some crazy cool talent!!

With this award we are a supposed to share it with 3-5 other blogs that have under a 100 followers. I just wanted to say to everyone thanks for blogging, I've made some really nice online friends and have found tons of inspiration. Keep up the good work!! here are my choices:

1) Delanie-she is doing a project called A Month of Me, she is taking a picture of herself or a feature or just something that she does everyday for a month and documenting it. I thought that was a really neat idea, too many times, us as scrappers are the ones behind the camera and our stories get forgotten or we only show tiny glimpses into who we are. Go check her out, maybe she will inspire us all to do some kind of "ME" project!

2)Renee I came across this talented lady and her blog on 2peas and just really love her style. She's getting back into scrapping and blogging after taking a break, so go visit her and tell her hi!

3) Stephanie-Oh what can I say about this girl?!!! She is funny, talented, and super cool. We are so similar it's kind of freaky, but we've gotten used to it and just laugh..we can literally finish each others sentences and pretty much just communicate through brain waves and across hundreds of miles of space, there are no need for words anymore!! ;) Steph just finished an organizing project, and this girl cleaned should go check it out!!

Ok...that's it for me, I've sat here for too long and am now in danger of being late for work....ya know I still have to shower and do my hair and all. The girls at work are throwing me a bridal shower of some sort................ugh..kill me now!!! Don't get me wrong...I appreciate it, I just DO NOT LIKE anything that puts me in the center of attention. Gives me some anxiety. Wish me well, maybe I should find a valium somewhere...anyone?? ;)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Celebrate Family

I created this layout last night, it was super easy do to the template that I used!! I just added the papers, colors and some extra embellishments. These pics were taken last December in Vegas at Caesars Place. We had gone down to take Ash to her dad's for the weekend, we picked up Jordan and went to eat at the Cheesecake Factory........had some really good food, enjoyed each others company and then headed home. I love that I can create something to remember moments like these!!
Now I'm off to bed, I know this is a really short, kinda boring post....hopefully you enjoyed the layout! I had a late nap today and now I'm just draggin butt and ready for bed again...I guess I need to rest up for Monday!
Have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I'm back with another challenge layout, this time from Challenge Heaven, there are several different challenges each month. They have a color challenge, a word challenge, one based on a sketch, on a song, numbers, and themed. I chose the word challenge and the word was HAPPY....well this picture, taken a long time ago, just looks like happy to me. Ash has always had a huge, amazing smile and I totally adore this picture of her. I kind of felt like the layout needed something else, but in the end, decided to keep it real simple! The actual picture on the layout is glare free, not sure where that weird little glare came from.....oh wait..yeah--my sucky photography skills!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

True Love

I'm lovin the challenges over at the Paper Variety, such fun and sure helps get some creative mojo goin! The inspiration for this challenge is based on this picture.

Whether you took inspiration from the colors, the sayings, or the candy, was up to you. I took a saying off of one of the hearts "true love" for my layout. These aren't the best pictures I have of me and my guy, but they are the only ones I have printed and ready for, I just worked with what I had!
If you are looking for a fun challenge head over to The Paper Variety and check em out!! You'll be glad ya did!! ;)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Love Day!

Just a card, made with scraps lying around my super messy desk. I.must.organize.soon!!! Anyway, it didn't take too long to put together and it helped to have some creative therapy time, it sure helps with stress and irritability to be able to play with paper!! :D