Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm going down to Cali.....

Well, we are actually back from Cali and have been for a few weeks, but I'm just now getting around to posting pics!! I was really lookin forward to this trip because I haven't had a real vacation with my kids since their dad and I divorced 7 years ago. The interesting part about this was that their dad, (my ex) invited me to go with them. I thought, eh what the hey. We get along better now than we ever have and it would be nice for us all to go on a fun vacation together as a family. SO we did!!! And, get this...........we had fun!!! My ex and I were even talking about how nice it was that we could get along well enough to do this, and it was the second vacation we had ever taken where we didn't fight!! Awesome!! So we loaded up and headed out from Vegas. Our destination Knotts Berry Farm, Downtown Disney, and the beach!

We went to Crescent Bay which is in Laguna, I love that place.........it is so very cool. The shopping is fantastic and the shops are fun. We went to the Candy Baron, check that out!! Rows of barrels filled with candy..........all kinds of salt water taffy, hard candy, licorice, candy from when I was a kid.....it's really cool and brought back some fun memories. Remember the wax bottles that were filled with colored liquid that you could just chew for......well not for very long before ya spit it out, but that's not the point! They had snaps, razzles, foot high pez dispensers, you name it, they had it. It seriously is a super cool place. We ended up spending about $35....just on candy. HOLY COW!!

Ashlie, always ready for pictures, me and my kids, me and Jordan, dinner at the Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney.
Me and Ash at Knotts, and Logan, Ashlie's pride and joy!
We had such a good time, ate good food, laughed so hard we cried, and just enjoyed spending time together.. I hope that this is something we will be able to continue doing, as it is a blessing to spend time with my children and for them to spend fun times with both their parents!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

On a quest

to become a coupon queen. Well, maybe trying to be a queen of coupons is a little too far reaching....maybe a princess? Or a lady in waiting...yeah that's probably more like it. I've tried the coupon thing before and I've had limited success, however, I really want to change that. I'm very impressed with people that can cut their grocery bills by more than half, or especially with the ones that can walk out of Walgreens or CVS and actually paid pennies out of pocket. So, im heading into research mode and scouring different websites for the easiest way to figure this game out. There's all kinds of information out there, lots of websites that offer free samples and coupons, different techniques on how to organize coupons, which stores to shop....all in all there is just a lot of information out there that can be a little overwhelming. So, I'm just going to take some time reading up on info and then start a game plan. I found this cool site Couponing 101 which has a TON of really good information, plus kind of breaks down the good deals, free deals and other great savings on the site. Check it out, and if anyone out there has any other great tips, hints, or websites..please feel free to share!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

52 sketches #11 & 13

Just a quick post with a couple LO's.... I have pictures from our vacation to CA & Lake Havasu a couple weeks ago that I'll post....um, sometime in the next decade!! :)~