Wednesday, December 29, 2010

So..ya know those finials I made? Well, here is what I did with them! I hope my bff doesn't check out my blog for a few days, cuz hers is in the mail! I got the idea HERE. Super cute and super easy!! I did this one for my son's girlfriend, but the rest I did in black! You can use the clip for a photograph,list, note, menu, or whatever you want....I'm glad I made an extra one for me!! ;)

Going up north in the morning to my sisters for NEW YEARS..should be fun!! I'm in So. Ut in the desert and she lives in No. Utah and is burried in about 3 feet of snow..........BRRRRR.

So, I'm signin out for a few days, gonna think long and hard about makin some resolutions, not sure I'll actually make any, but I will definitely think about it!! ;)

Hope you all have a Happy New Year full of peace and prosperity!!! Catch ya in 2011!!!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

A finial how to...

I've seen alot of projects lately using finials....well, these little suckers aren't the easiest things to find, so I ordered some online only to find that they were way to big for my project. Looking around the craft stores I came up with a way to make my own. If you already knew this, then just ignore me, but I thought I was pretty clever to figure this out!

Here are the supplies needed:

1) Doll Pin Stands
2) Doll Pin Heads
3) Ball Finials
4) Wood glue
Here is a pic to help figure out what these look like.
Step 1: Glue the pin head (circles) to the pin stands (base)
Step 2: Glue the little ball finial on top of that and DONE!! Super easy!! I'll post in a day or two to show you the project I made using these homemade finials!
You could also leave the ball finial off and use the base and circle, but I kinda like the top part!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

I took my turn to decorate the girls lockers for their home games and this is what I came up with, I really like the way it turned out. The basketball was just an image from the internet and then I matted that in black. The paw, I cut with my cricut, just circles and ovals, the girls name and number, laminated it, put magnets on the back and done! The girls have struggled with playing and haven't won a game yet, but last night played better than they have before and that is encouraging!! Ash played a dang good game and scored 5 there is hope that they might actually come together a little better, have better ball control, quit with the turnovers and put some more points on the board. It should be interesting and fun to see how things turn out!

And thanks for the get well wishes with the migraine! It went to a dull roar about half way through the sophmore game and was gone by the freshman game....medicine and rest usually help me get through the worst of it, and hopefully it will be months before it hits again.

Well....heading to Vegas today to drop Ash off for the week, gonna pick up the son and go have lunch at the Cheesecake Factory! YUMMY! Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dear Migraine

I've got a very busy day today,I don't have the time or the patience to deal with you right you just bugged me last week. What's with that???? You usually only visit about 4 times a year, and now twice in a're not welcome, I don't like you and you SUCK.
Please go away and don't ever come back.

Thank you very much

Friday, December 17, 2010

Makin up my own words

so..I've been following Leslie's Words of Me project (I'm really far behind) but just found out after I had completed my last layout that I had just picked a random word from her post and used that as the WORD of the week. Yeah, totally off base...I don't know what I was thinking...obviously there wasn't much of that goin on...(thinkin that is) :/ anyway, the word for week 4 was commitment, I did my layout on the word appreciate. The word for week 5 was renew and I used the word prompt..hmmm, yeah I know I need to catch up-pretty much on everything, but such is life. I've been so busy lately with basketball and spending time with my boyfriend, (do you still call them boyfriend when you're over 40???) Anywho, been busy and tis the season for being crazy busy just all on it's own. I'm lacking in sleep, which is why this post probably doesn't make a lick of sense, Oh..and I'm lacking sense, and patience and I've lost a little bit of Christmas spirit as well, (but that was only for a little while, the new manfriend seems to have a very calming effect on me...LOVE that).
Ok, so here is my layout on the word prompt..I found a quote that I liked and used that. I did a digi layout because I took a Jessica Sprague class, but that was awhile ago and forgot pretty much all that I had I need to go back and do some refreshing, but I'm trying to keep from forgetting everything that I learned...and now it's late and I'm yammering on and on and on.....yada, yada,yada. I better end
this post now before it becomes the longest post ever..on absolutely nothing!!! Alright already, I'm shuttin up now and heading for bed!!! Good night all!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

First Freshman Game of the Season

and we didn't come out of that too fact, we stunk it up, lost by 26. UGH. We have a new coaching staff and a 15 freshmen, most of whom haven't had a lot of experience playing the game. Hopefully we can get it together and bring a different game plan to our next opponent. Ash did good and held her own, made a layup and hustled, making the other team have a turn over. She is doing well, and is also playing up with the sophmores and sometimes with the jv team. I've got a few shots of her, her dad got some much better pics and will hopefully email them to me! For now, here's a few of Ash..she's #12!
Tip off!!
Bring it!
Going after the ball on this one and almost landed on the bench!
It was a total blast watching her play, although sucky that they lost. There's always next time!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Where the heck have I been?

The only thing I've done in the past week is work,laundry and keeping up on the house chores. Not one bit of crafting/scrapping/t.v. watching has been done....why you might ask? Or, maybe ya just don't care, but I'm gonna tell ya anyway!

I've been spending time with a real live boy...up close and in person!!!! Exciting huh? is to me. I've been divorced for almost 9 years now, most all of that time has been alone, (as in no romantic relationships whatsoever) don't feel bad though, mostly it was by choice. Dating hasn't ever been a priority, and I don't care to just date every available man, just for the sake of dating or not being alone. After my divorce, I made the decision not to settle for something that I didn't want and I didn't want anything that even reminded me of my toxic, unhealthy marriage. Do you know how hard it is to find a really nice guy---one that you actually WANT to spend the time to get to know??? For me, it was pretty hard.

I'd done the single dating activities that my church offers..............UGH. Not for me. I'd done cyber dating, and spent some time talking to some guys online. Some were really nice, some really freakin weird, and some were just players. Not what I was looking for, but I would do it--mainly because I was bored.

Well, a few weeks ago I just decided I was done. I deleted my online account, dismissed every guy I was talking to, and let it go. The next morning I get a call from my girlfriend....she was so excited....she had a guy for me! lol...sounds funny, cuz that's exactly what she said "Shar, I have a guy for ya!!" Well, super! She had tried to set me up before, unsuccessfully, I might add..but she was excited and was sure that this one was it. She had that GUT feeling and when she's had that before and introduced a couple together, both couples ended up married!!! So....introducing me and this guy was going to be her mission. Weirdly enough, this was the same guy that she wanted to introduce me to several years ago, but he had just gotten involved with someone else, ended up married, and now is available again! So..a long story shorter....(cuz dang, this is turning out to be a freakin novel) we met.....we like each other....we are totally comfortable...we have spent every available moment together and it's like we've known each other forever.

When the time is right and the right person comes along...ya gotta just go with it, let it happen and see what develops! This snuck up on me and then hit me like a ton of bricks!!! Crazy how things happen!!! I'm excited, I'm kinda freaked out (but just a little bit and in a good way) and I'm really looking forward to the future! It should be interesting!!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Card cupids and apothecary jars!!

These are the cards I worked on yesterday for the card cupid organization, I don't have sentiments on them yet, will do that later when I figure out what to put on them. The bee is from the Paisley cricut cartridge, I used icicle stickles on the cheeks and flower center, used tulip puff paint for the black dots on the big flower center. Anyway, had fun making them and I hope they will bring a smile to the child that I send them to!

I made these apothecary jars in October and filled them with candy corn and those orange taffy pumpkin thingys...I found the idea here!! LOVE IT!! Then for Thanksgiving, I filled them with pumpkins/leaves/ for Christmas, they are filled with ornaments and colored tinsel...they can be used all year round and filled with pretty much anything you can think of to put in them. It's a fun project and so should do it...NOW! ;) Sorry for the crappy pic. Anyway, some fun projects and I actually did something other than watching t.v. Yay me!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

To all of my family and friends (IRL and online) I am thankful for you!!!

A few things I'm thankful for:

1. An awesome family.
2. Freedom to live my life in the way I see fit.
3. My Father in Heaven and Savior Jesus Christ.
4. My car, job, home.
5. Good music...I just downloaded the new Michael Jackson/Akon song...pretty good!!
6. Creativity..
7. Books
8. Movies..saw Harry Potter yesterday..LOVED it!!

Just a few things, and not in order of importance, I just wanted a few of them documented and out there...I'm really wanting to start being more conscious of the things that I sometimes take for granted. I'm hoping to have a heart of gratitude on a daily basis, I know it can really change the way I think and feel and for the positive...and I know that being more positive is definitely a good thing!!

Ok..people, I'm done and outta here!

Go--enjoy food!! Cuz food is something I'm also thankful for and am going to enjoy lots of it today!! Yay! :D

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I feel so special!

I checked my blog this morning and found that sweet Steph over at BZB Creates gave me a blog award!! That is my first!!!! How
freakin cool is that??? Well, it's freakin cool, I tell ya!! Thanks Steph!!! You all should definitely check out her blog, cuz she has a pretty cool thing goin on with her CARD CUPIDS, she (and anyone else who wants to) creates and sends cards to children who are fighting illness, disease, or are in the hospital and struggling for whatever reason. The cards can be for birthdays, or just some kind words to lift a child's spirit. Making a few cards for this organization is definitely on my to-do list for the next 5 days that I'm off work!!

Look how pretty that award is!! I love it, I want to hug it! :D

So,there are some rules that come with the award..

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this.
2. Share 8 things about yourself.
3. Pay it forward to 8 bloggers you have recently discovered.
4. Contact those bloggers and tell them about their awards. 8 things about me, these are totally random and probably a little quirky.

1. I have to sleep with the fan on.....not for the breeze, cuz I DO NOT like the breeze on me, but for the sound. I can't sleep at all without it......I even have a battery operated one to take with me if I ever have to camp!

2. I have to have lotion on my hands after I wash them, and before touching that weird...uh huh-yep, it is! I just hate the feel of touching paper with freshly washed hands...blech, it's like nails on the chalkboard to me. (shudder)

3. I have a book in my purse at all times. I just devoured The Hunger Games trilogy, then read some of Terry Brooks, and I think from a thread on 2peas, that I must check out the Black Dagger Brotherhood series.

4. I love diet coke and chocolate...see previous post, SO DANG HAPPY!! :D Oh,and you can throw some hot tamales or cinnamon bears in with that and I'd totally be in heaven!

5. I was on America's Most Wanted! no further information available at this time. ;)

6. Love to travel, Italy being one of my favorite places so far. Would love to visit Ireland, Greece, and Hawaii.

7. I have a boy and girl...boy is 19, girl is 14, and I think they are the coolest kids ever! I'm beyond proud of them and thankful for them in my life.....(yeah, I went and got all gushy!)

8. I collect scrapbook supplies, and then have a hard time actually using them...........does that make me a hoarder??? ACK! pass along this award to 8 other bloggers..

Mary Pat:

And,there ya go! Check out these talented ladies and enjoy looking through their blogs...I know I do!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Doin the happy dance!!!

Look what I found!!!!

They're not just for Easter anymore!!

Yes, I'm super excited, these are my favorite candy, and they made little Jingle balls for Christmas time!!

I know, I know...I'm a total geek-dork about this and my daughter was deathly embarrassed to take these pictures, but I don't care! Ya gotta be real and blog about the good, the bad, and the ugly.....right??? I'm not sure what category this falls under.....maybe the good and the ugly???

So...if any of my dear lovely friends out there in cyber space want to send me a bag or 20, I'll gladly email ya my address!! ;)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Favorite Quote

This has got to be one of my all time favorite quotes..and I mean EVER!

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves,'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous'? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others." Nelson Mandela, 1994 Inaugural Speech

That pretty much sums it up and says it all...............NOW.............go forth and SHINE!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Words of Me week 4

I'm really liking this project,even though I'm behind (story of my life), but it makes me stop and take a few minutes to really think about what's going on in my life at this moment. What I am thinking & the word for week 4 was appreciate, and I just wanted to document a few simple things that make a big difference in my life at this time. I have the best parents and kids, and I really do appreciate that! :)


Yep, I've got it.........

a case of flatassititus, this comes from sitting...pretty much consistently for 9 hours a day, 5 days a week. Symptoms include; lopsided buttocks, numbing, feeling of pins and needles, the uncontrollable urge to jump out of chair, grouchiness, restlessness, and the need to strangle the next person who walks in the office.

To reduce side affects, it is recommended to get up, stretch, walk around the building, climb stairs, or go on a diet coke run.

Diet coke run is #1 on the list!!!

I'm outta here!! ;)

Friday, November 12, 2010

A mom brag, and a card!!

I have to do a mom brag right Ash, made the freshman high school basketball team!!!! Whew!! When we went through soccer tryouts, felt that we had a really good chance of making the team and then were disappointed with the results, well, we were more than nervous for basketball cuts. There were 32-35 freshman that tried out, and only 10-15 spots on the team. Ash has played a little b-ball here and there, but she's got enough athleticism(is that a word? lol) and ball control that she did very well in tryouts, we were hopeful, but not overly so. We went to the school earlier than normal and before the buses got there, to check the team list. Ash didn't want to go in at first, she was too nervous, but I said, let's just get it done and over with...go find out!!! (honestly, I couldn't stand it anymore!) I went in with her, and the list wasn't posted, we sit in torture for about 10 more minutes when the coach got there and posted it. She reluctantly walked around the corner to the office window and I could here her say "I MADE IT!!" Then she took a pic of her name on the list!!! (That's my girl!) I'll find away to scrap that somehow!!

Now on to the card I made the other day. It's just simple, I tend to do simple a lot and honestly it just fits my style better. I think I'll send this to my grandma!

I'm fighting off a head cold and kinda feel like crap, I guess it's bittersweet that I have a long weekend right now. I didn't want to be sick all weekend, but this way, maybe I won't have to take sick time from work.

Now, off to get a nice, big, fountain diet coke!! That always makes me feel better!!! ;)

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Words of Me project week 3...yep, as usual I'm behind, but hopefully by next weekend I will be caught up with this project and a few other things I'm working on. I think this scripture from Isaiah is's not word for word, but summed up my thoughts on order. I also wish I was ultra organized, ya know, a place for everything, and everything in it's place, but I kinda just half way do everything. I don't know what that says about me, but I try. I feel like my life is pretty orderly, I don't do chaos well, or messes, a little clutter here and there won't throw me over the top, but if it says cluttered for too long, then I do start to freak out a little. Anyway, I guess as long as I'm trying, I won't get too down on my not so perfect life. I think perfect would be a little boring..not to mention unrealistic, plus a little chaos and mess can really throw some interest into life. So..whatever life is, I say BRING IT!! As long as it's orderly chaos! ;)

A few other quotes on order that I really liked:

"Order & simplification are the first steps toward the mastery of a subject." Thomas Mann

"Order is Heaven's first law." Alexander Pope

"Good order is the foundation of all good things." Edmund Burke

"Chaos often breeds life, when order breeds habit." Henry Brooks Adams

Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween Fun

Ash had a Halloween party with a few friends. I made little treat bags, the cupcake toppers and wraps came from Target and were SO cute!! The kids played minute to win it games and relays....then went to the haunted house. FUN!!

Minute to Win it Games!

The skeleton was a clear stamp that I picked up for a buck at the local craft store. I embossed with white powder, the candy was wrapped with American Crafts halloween paper. These could have been much cuter and with more detail, but they were for teenagers who would just rip them apart and throw them, I went with simple!


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Let it go

Whenever I find a quote, a line in a song, a scripture that really speaks to me, I have to write it down. I've got little slips of paper EVERYWHERE, tucked in my journal, taped to my walls, stuffed in my pocket or purse. I am planning and working on a quote/scripture journal and will have all of these inspirational sayings in one place, embellished with paper, buttons, ribbon, sparkly stuff and other fun things, but I don't want to lose any of these little gems in the process, so...I thought why not just post them on the blog, then they are there whenever I need to refer to them and will be easily found when I am ready to scrap them.

I came across this little line in a song written by Michael McLean

All that's wrong in your life, let it go
All that is worth saving is love
Love will hold you tight
Love lifts the burden and love shines the light
Only love, nourishes us so
If it's not love
Simply let it go.

This hit me at a time when I was struggling to let go of something that I had in a death grip. It wasn't healthy for me to continue hoping for something that just wasn't going to happen and I had no control over. It is absolutely freeing to my soul when I can finally pry open the tight grip on whatever it is I'm holding onto and let it go. I know that God has bigger and better plans for me and I need to trust in Him enough to let Him do His work in my life, knowing this, brings a peace and calmness to my heart, mind and soul, and frees me to concentrate and focus on more important things. So, I look forward to what opportunites and possibilities come my way!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Bliss-week 2

There are so many other little things, goofy things, simple things that can be a little piece of bliss. I love alone time. Chocolate covered cinnamon bears!! :D Hot chocolate on a crisp fall morning. Watching my awesome daughter score a goal in her soccer game. Getting a text message from a special someone. Getting an answer to a prayer. Flirting. A total stranger saying hello. The list can go on and on, but like I said in my other post...for this project I'm keeping it real simple, and there's just not enough space to write everything down on an 8x8 canvas....which is why I'm writing a little more of my thoughts with these posts!

Have you thought about what bliss means to you? Feel free to share, I love other peoples thoughts and opinions! May you find a little bliss in each day!


I wanted to touch more on my thoughts regarding this topic and add some quotes as well. I've been working on an assignment on and funny enough, the chapter was on the Heart of Gratitude. I love it when things just line up and fall into place like that!! It's awesome!

So, some of the quotes listed below were from Oct conference, just a few snippets from a talk by Thomas S. Monson.

"gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others."

"When you walk with gratitude, you do not walk with arrogance and conceit and egotism, you walk with spirit of thanksgiving that is becoming to you and will bless your lives." he quoted Gordon B Hinkley.

"to express gratitude is gracious and honorable, to enact gratitude is generous and noble, but to live with gratitude ever in our hearts is to touch heaven."

LOVE that!!!

Also, from my transformation assignment, this is from Bill Phillips new book that came out in July of this year. Bill Phillips did the Body for Life program and has now added a more of mind/body/spirit element to getting and staying healthy. Bill states facts and research findings in this part of his book. There are many Dr's/researchers/studies going on regarding gratitude and it's effects on health.

"health isn't just a condition of the body,it starts within the mind and heart, out of all the positive thoughts and emotions, none is more healing that gratitude."

"Simply being thankful can lead to a healthier, happier life."

"grateful people were discovered to be more likely to feel a connection to others and to something greater than themselves."

"scientific research makes it clear that when we practice gratitude it helps us become more energetic, motivated,happier and altogether healthier."

I just took some snippets from the talk and the chapter in the book....I've found this absolutely fascinating. The connection between gratitude, health, emotions, energy, and overall well being is pretty amazing. I'm definitely going to start practicing a daily gratitude meditation, I mean, who couldn't use more motivation, energy, health and happiness???? I know I could!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Words of Me week 1

I'm trying to do the Words of Me project that Leslie has going on over at her blog...If you're interested you should check it out here. It's basically 52 weeks, 52 words which include your thoughts/quotes, etc on the topic. So, as usual I'm a little behind...I think tomorrow or Tuesday will be word #4 and I just finished my thoughts/layout on week 1. Oh well, slowly but surely I will catch up and hopefully stay that way! The first word/week was on gratitude. Now, there is a TON that can be said on that topic, but I decided to keep things very simple with my layouts.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

He's Aliiive!!

Yeah, I know....wrong, but it works for this cute little guy!! This is Horace, I painted him about 10 years ago, ya know, when tole painting was the hot hobby of the day. Well poor Horace has been shoved under my bed for those 10 years. Arms and legs in one bag, head and body in the other bag, just waiting patiently to be assembled. I did pull him out last year..........looked at him, thought..."oh, he's so cute, I really need to finish him," then shoved him back under the bed with the dust bunnies to keep him company. I vowed to get him done for this Halloween, and YAY...he's done!!! He's ready for trick or treating with his flashlight and candy pail. The shorts...I got at the thrift store, size 2T lol. I love his big toe stickin out of his shoe and his little friend pokin out of his pocket....too cute!!! Well, I can sigh with relief, knowing that I fullfilled my duty and got him done!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Finally posting a few layouts from my digi scrap class over at Jessica Sprague. I'm sure you can tell which ones were from the class, and which one was my own!! Haha...I'm not nearly up on all the technical, super cool aspects of photoshop that I need to be to create something as cool as Jessica does, especially in 30 minutes. The puppy love was my own (I'm sure you figured that out right away!) and it was to be done from start to finish in 30 minutes. Im not proficient enough to put something super cute together without going back through the instructions and following them step by step. So...I do the best I can and am going to work my way back through the classes so I understand them better.

Ok..better get off, I just put in Wolfman, and better watch or I might be lost...I hope it's a good movie and doesn't freak me out to bad....I'm all by my lonesome! ;)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Warning, vent ahead......

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a love/hate relationship with diet coke. I. AM. ADDICTED. I climb on the wagon every so often for a few weeks at best, and then in a weak moment, throw myself off the back and run frantically to the nearest drive thru that offers coke products. Well, at this exact moment....I'm off the wagon. So, I'm in my happy place, (the drive thru) waiting to get my X-tra LARGE diet coke. Happily hand over my 2 bucks and drive away.............ah crap. They freakin gave me regular coke......GRRRR, by the time I realize this, Ive already left the drive thru and am headed back to work from my lunch hour. I'm running late too, otherwise I would've gone back, handed drive thru girl my coke, made her drink some and ask her if she thought that was what diet tasted like. Yes, in the grand scheme of things, it's certainly not the end of the world, but at that moment, when I'm anticipating the deliciousness of bubbly diet coke and I end up sputtering and spitting out felt pretty dang close to the end of my world. *ok, vent over, returning now to our regularly scheduled program* ;)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

A sassy, sweet, spunky, silly, sparkly girl!!!

I love this girl! And, yes, I've said that and posted that before, but I really do. I think she is totally cool! I did this layout based on this sketch, don't know why I picked 5 words, but they describe her, so I went with it! She has just enough sass, spunk and sparkle to really be an amazing girl! She's 14.5 years old and I can say that I still love being around her, the horrid teenage attitude has been kept to a dull roar so far, I'll keep my fingers crossed that it stays that

I made the flower in the corner with paper scraps, I saw this on a tutuorial that someone linked to over at 2 Peas, but for the life of me, I can't remember who linked it or who's tute it was. I had fun making it,in fact, I made a lot of flowers, fun and easy and a great way to use up scraps!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cute and Easy

that's the way I like it!!

My mom's neighbor has just successfully waged a war with cancer. The battle was not cute and not easy, but the little "thinking of you" gift was. I found these cute little dishes at Tai Pan and the muffins came from Costco. They fit perfectly in the dishes, a little cellophane, curling ribbon, a cute card, and it was done. I just wanted something to give to her, to let her know that we were happy she was now cancer free and that we would continue to pray that she stayed that way. These gifts would also be good for welcoming someone to the neighborhood, even a birthday gift for a neighbor or co-worker, pretty much any occasion that you might want a little something to go along with a card or thought!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I scream, You scream!

I don't know about anyone else, but I love putting together cute, simple gifts that are just a little bit different than normal. When I saw these cute ice-cream bowls at my local craft store I just had to get them. I think I ended up with 14!! Plus, they were 75% off!! Whoo hoo...WIN!!! So, I thought to use the bowl as part of the packaging for the gift. I don't know too many people that don't like ice-cream and all the toppings for a really good sundae or banana split. So, here's how I put it together.

1) Cute bowl! ;)

2) Yummy toppings for sundaes or banana splits!

3) Put toppings in bowl with cute colorful tissue paper. (only 3 toppings would fit)

4) Wrap up in clear cellophane with curling ribbon.

5) Attach cute tag, and're done!! It makes for a cute, simple gift that is fast and easy to put together.