Sunday, January 17, 2010

Party in the USA!!

Amber, my former, (sort of ) sister in law took her daughter and my daughter for a day full of makeovers, manicures, lunch at Serendipity, shopping and finally a Miley Cyrus concert. They all had so much fun and I used all the pictures they took to do one of my DYL assignments.
then I used pics of my son to finish the second assignment. I'm kinda falling a little behind in the class, but trying not to get stressed about it. I love it, and I love that it's making me scrap and get some motivation back. I have too much invested in this hobby to just sit and stare at all my supplies. :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

2010-the year of Challenges!!!

I've signed up for an online class by Cathy Z called Design Your Life, it's 12 weeks long, with a several assignments per week. I'm also trying to do a card a day challenge on 2 Peas, I don't think I'll get one a day done, but maybe a couple a week. I've also signed up for the challenge. With this challenge there is a Dallas conference and half marathon in March, my intent is to go, so I'm going to start training for a nice 13.1 mile run! I sure hope that I can keep up with all this and that I didn't take on more than I can handle.

These are my first 3 assignments from the Design Your Life class.

And,my first two cards for the card a day challenge!! I think this will be a great way to stay motivated and to stay challenged......I just hope I don't get overwhelmed!!