Wednesday, April 8, 2009

On a quest

to become a coupon queen. Well, maybe trying to be a queen of coupons is a little too far reaching....maybe a princess? Or a lady in waiting...yeah that's probably more like it. I've tried the coupon thing before and I've had limited success, however, I really want to change that. I'm very impressed with people that can cut their grocery bills by more than half, or especially with the ones that can walk out of Walgreens or CVS and actually paid pennies out of pocket. So, im heading into research mode and scouring different websites for the easiest way to figure this game out. There's all kinds of information out there, lots of websites that offer free samples and coupons, different techniques on how to organize coupons, which stores to shop....all in all there is just a lot of information out there that can be a little overwhelming. So, I'm just going to take some time reading up on info and then start a game plan. I found this cool site Couponing 101 which has a TON of really good information, plus kind of breaks down the good deals, free deals and other great savings on the site. Check it out, and if anyone out there has any other great tips, hints, or websites..please feel free to share!!

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