Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Just a Quickie!!

Quickie update......

Had a great mothers day, my son came for the weekend from Vegas. We went to see Wolverine, (not much better than seeing Hugh running around buck nekkid!!) I participated in a 5k walk, met some fantastic and inspiring people that are part of, and had a great dinner with my parents.

On May 12th, my baby boy turned 18~ :(
I can't believe he's old enough now to vote.
We are preparing for his graduation on the 8th of June, and are gearing up for the summer. Ash usually spends a few weeks in Vegas with her dad, and I'm left to my own devices... ;) While it does get lonely, I do enjoy the time, I just need to make sure I do something productive and not waste it......hmmmm, maybe some painting is in order.

Oh, and my 20 year class reunion is coming up................that coupled with an 18 year old, sure does make it hard to not feel like my life is half over.......well, I guess if I live to be 76, then it is half over. ;)

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