Sunday, July 12, 2009

Woo hoo.........I love it when I finally "get" something. lol. I've been wanting to learn Photoshop for really long time, actually I still don't know it, but I'm taking a class on frames, masks etc from Jessica Sprague and I'm loving it!! I do need to go back and take it from the beginning, but learning all these cool, fun ways to edit pictures is amazing and makes me really want to learn all I can about photoshop. Here are a few pictures that I've played around with.
It's so much fun and I can't wait to see what other awesome things I can learn to do with photos!!


  1. oooooooooooo its on my list to take pse lessons b/c it sooooooooooo frustrates me. awesome stuff you did and so encouraging!!! rock on.

  2. these are great,
    are you using photoshop or one of the pse's ?


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