Friday, September 18, 2009


that's been me......for way too long now. I've just been on cruise control with really no direction, no motivation, no challenges. Well, I'm done for now, I've had enough and it's time to wake up and get movin. I'm gonna set some goals and organize my life and keep on top of things so that it's not so overwhelming. My friend and I are going to start scrapbooking with challenges, sketches, etc, so that should help the scrappy mojo get it's motor goin.

Also, I'm going to be getting back to the gym...actually that has been one thing that I've been good and consistent with over the past 19 weeks....I did take one whole week off to veg, but am now back to it, and it feels really good.

I really want to get back into some decorative painting, using my scroll saw and gettin busy on some fun projects. So, I've got a game plan and am ready to go!!

Something that helped get me out of this slump is that I won $50 worth of stamps from Unity Stamp Co!!! How freakin cool is that????? I can't wait to get them and get busy makin some fun projects. I will be better at takin pics and posting them!! That's the goal anyway!

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  1. HOORAY!! so glad you've found that mojo...hey it happens! scrappin & hanging out with friends is PERFECT and so much FUN! enjoy your Unity...we'll get it out to you ASAP! :)


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