Monday, October 26, 2009


So,here's my attempt at holiday cards for Halloween, and my attempt at making some kind of new decoration for the home. I got the Frank idea from here.
The fact that he was so easy to make was, in fact, the reason he got finished in the first place. I have a hunchback guy that stands about 3' tall that I have all painted, but haven't put him together yet..........he's been done for over 8 years. Wow, that's just sad. There is alot to be said for fast and easy!!
I guess I'll shoot off these cards to my nieces and nephews and hope that they get them before Saturday!! That will actually make me feel pretty dang good, instead of my usual, making cards and hording them for no apparent to find postage!!


  1. I do the "hoarding cards" thing to. Why do we do that? Love the Franken-guy!

  2. It all looks fantastic! I totally made Halloween cards this year and I totally haven't given out a single one! LOL! I should get on that, huh? Love the glass block!

  3. those are so cute!!!! great projects!

  4. cute cards and love the frankenstein. I love that he lights up too.


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