Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cute and Easy

that's the way I like it!!

My mom's neighbor has just successfully waged a war with cancer. The battle was not cute and not easy, but the little "thinking of you" gift was. I found these cute little dishes at Tai Pan and the muffins came from Costco. They fit perfectly in the dishes, a little cellophane, curling ribbon, a cute card, and it was done. I just wanted something to give to her, to let her know that we were happy she was now cancer free and that we would continue to pray that she stayed that way. These gifts would also be good for welcoming someone to the neighborhood, even a birthday gift for a neighbor or co-worker, pretty much any occasion that you might want a little something to go along with a card or thought!!


  1. Another cute idea.
    So sweet of you.

  2. Very nice and generous idea. I wish I had that muffin right now! Yummy! Nice blog.

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