Saturday, June 25, 2011

Really bad funk

Have you ever gone through times where you just have no motivation?  No desire to do anything other than get through the day?  Been weepy and emotional for any reason and no reason at the same time?  Man....I've had about a month of feeling like this and I'm really not sure why.  Maybe I'm hormonal?  Don't know.  Then, I thought for about a few days that maybe I was pregnant and that threw  me into a whole other panic, (I'm not....whew).   Whatever was going on and for whatever reason, I think I'm on my way back to somewhat normal.  I'm not an over emotional person to begin with and the fact that I would get teary several times a day at the drop of a hat was pretty strange. 

I haven't kept up on blogging and when I would check other blogs and try to leave a comment, it wouldn't let me leave one, so in my unmotivated funk, I just kinda gave up for a little bit.  I did receive a couple of blog awards from some really sweet ladies, Thank you!! 

I haven't really put much effort into scrapping or making cards lately........but, I did play with my MTC and cricut and make a bunch of shaped cards, some penguins and some elephants, and a thank you card.  I forgot to take pics of my penguins and elephants and my child now has my camera for the next couple weeks...ack.  Well, if you've ever checked out Jin's blog UNDER A CHERRY TREE, I was using her tutorials to make those cards.  They were fun and kinda took a little effort on my part, it takes me awhile to figure things out, so I made like 25 of each!!  I'll post pics in a couple weeks when I get my camera back.   For now, here is the thank you card I made using the cricut, MTC and Jin's tutorial. 
I love the frame, so pretty! Then I just used rub on letters, flowers and some bling for the centers.  The pp is some I've had forever and can't remember which company it's from.

Alright, I'm off to the mall, the husband is getting itchy to get out of the house. Happy Saturday!!!


  1. great card! so glad you are coming out of the funk! i missed your blog!

  2. Sorry to hear that you've been in a funk...hope you snap out of it soon. Shopping can sometimes cure it! :) Blogger has been "finicky" lately, so that can be frustrating as well. On a brighter note...this is a beautiful card. :)


  3. Been there, done that, hate that, lol. I am glad you are feeling better. Just felling that way and not wanting to (and who would want to) seems to make the feeling even worse :o(

    Love the card you made. The cricut cuteout/banner...can't think what it is called right now, looks so pretty and the colors are fabulous.

    Looking forward to seeing the other cards :o)

  4. Glad to hear you're coming out of the funk! I think we all have times like that and when it rains it pours! The little things seem big, like blogger not cooperating :) Your card is beautiful! Can't wait to see what else you're done!

  5. Your card is beautiful. I love the colours.
    As for your funk, Mine has lasted a year :(
    I think I am finally getting to be myself....slowly.

  6. Glad you are back! Sorry about your funk...we all go there sometimes. I was having a ton of problems with leaving comments on blogger too. I finally had to download Google Chrome and that has worked for me. Hope you are feeling the creative bug again. Love your card.

  7. what a nice card you made. great job!

  8. What a fabulouse card. So pretty. I am not sure why the unmotivation either. I ended up taking about 3 weeks of blogging and I had no idea it was so long. getting back into it with the above page is a good idea.

    About leaving comments, you may want to check you log in page. If you have the "stay logged in" box checked, you may want to uncheck it. That is what worked for me.



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