Saturday, November 12, 2011

My Heart Smiles!

It's been while since I've posted anything, been busy, computer has been in the shop,etc, etc.  But, I did get this layout done and have to say that I LOVE it!!!  I did a photo collage of my kids and then slapped it on this gorgeous paper, made some paper flowers, used those gotta have tiny type letter stickers from Cosmo Cricut and done.  Sorry, the pic is a little wonky, my camera is starting to crap out on me too...ugh, such is life sometimes, when one thing goes, it seems like other things follow. 
Love these kids though and am so proud of them! They are the greatest blessing in my life! 

The journaling says "These faces make my heart smile"


  1. I really love your layout.
    How true is your statement :)

    So happy to see you back, missed you :)

  2. What an awesome layout! Great colors and I LOVE the journaling!!!

  3. What a sweet layout! Glad the computer is fixed!


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