Thursday, July 26, 2012


Not going to get too down with this one, but a little vent to blow off some steam. 

I'm coming to ya from the land of the Office, where co-workers fart and belch to their own contentedness  (not a word?  it's ok, it works for me) , where I suffer from flatassititus, boredom (but grateful to have a job :)   and where I am exercising patience EVERY HOUR of EVERY DAY with some of our fellow homosapiens, where I get asked questions like "where can I find 2x depends, because none of the retailers here carry them"....Um. IDK.  as I refer her back to the retailer, where a sweet little elderly lady wants me to stop the birds from pooping in her pool....uh, yeah, cuz I have magical mad skillz like that and can somehow just get them to STOP..STOP pooping in this sweet little old lady's pool you dang birds.  Where I can magically make all the cockroaches that are infesting a rental property disappear or determine if one of the local restaurants are using real eggs or eggs from a carton that are all blended together and look nothing like a "real egg".

  Schooooo..deep breath!!

 I've got my Michael Buble' station going, just for the calming affect it has in this sometimes crazy stressful office.  And, then the reason I am bloggin from computer decided to get all infected and poop out on me.....and that for some reason has me more stressed out than all of the above put together.  Does anyone else freak out when you are without your computer for several days?  Is that a sign that I spend WAY too much time dinkin around blogland?  Hmmm..don't answer that!

Anyway, like I said, just blowin some steam, hoping and crossing fingers that I will have my pc back either tonight or tomorrow. (crossing fingers and praying my guts out!)  Pathetic?  A little, but I'm ok with that!! ;)


  1. On the up side, tomorrow can only be better, right? Hope you get your pc back asap!

  2. Sounds like you need a Diet Coke and some chocolate! Hang in there girl ;)

  3. i'm with becky! it will all be ok

  4. Oh Sharla...sounds like you are having one of THOSE days...we all have them. I know I have them too often-LOL....especially when working in our pizza shop. The customers we get their sometimes-SHEEESH!!!

    I have been without my computer since Spring and am at the mercy of my nearly 18 year old and his laptop. SIGH. It is a PAIN!!! And stresses me out. I understand you missing your computer:)

    You are such a good friend to me, Sharla. Always love your kind words....make me smile:)

    It WILL get better!!!!!


  5. Hugs out to you! It will be better tomorrow!

  6. Sorry your day has had some suckage.
    I too have a panic attack when I can't get on the net.
    Funny as when Hubby used to go on it, I thought ohhh get a life...well now its me, lol.


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