Thursday, March 5, 2015

30 Day Color


Saw this fun challenge going on over HERE and thought I would join.  I'm hoping to color something everyday, but will be out of town this weekend....maybe I can still pack up some colors and images and work on a little sumthin!

Here is my coloring for day 1 (which was yesterday)  This is Pixie Nerd from Saturated Canary.  I LOVE her...ya know why?  Well, first....she's so possesive of that stack of books she's got there, and I LOVE reading!  I want to dedicate a whole art journal to book/reading images and quotes. Second, she's a pixie/fairy and I just LOVE fairies.  I love anything in the fantasy genre, whether it's images, books, or movies, that's where my love fantasy!  Third, she is a Saturated Canary image......gorgeous image and that quote really kicks butt!  So, here is my coloring attempt for day 1, I really like this challenge, because it's not about a finished project, or even a finished image, just color something each day.  I think I can do that!!

                                           is my coloring for day 1!


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