Monday, October 6, 2008

That's my Girl!

Ash started out scoring the first goal of the game this past Saturday!! Gotta love it!!!

I just wanted to say that I LOVE this GIRL! It's just been the two of us for most of the past 6 years. J lived with us for two of those years but decided to move back to Vegas with his dad. That has been real hard, but he's doing well, and he's such a great kid.

So for the most part, it's just been us. She is such a sweet girl, and even though we are headed into the teenage years....the attitude hasn't been too bad! Hopefully we can keep it to a dull roar and survive the hardest parts! She is very loving and gives me about 4 good night hugs each night before bed. :) She is in the tween stage....trying to develop into a young lady, but still holding onto childhood. She still likes playing with her dolls and all her little pet shop toys, she still is afraid of the dark, she still likes to pretend she is the mom when playing with her dolls, and that is totally fine with me!

I can't believe how fast kids grow up. I mean it's just crazy. J is a senior this year and after graduation will head out into the big bad world. AHHH...I can't believe it, it just doesn't seem possible. Time is precious, children are precious and before long, they are no longer children, but teenagers and young adults. I'm trying to enjoy and savor each moment, each stage of life while I still can, because the time will come all too soon when they will leave home and start their own lives, have their own adventures, and start their own families.


  1. Love your family photo. Great looking family. Yes, it's hard to see them grow up!

  2. she is absolutely stunning. She also seems like a really cool kid. Someone I'd want my kids to hang with. Good job raising her alone.

  3. Oh, man! Don't remind me about them growing up. You know that song on Mama Mia when the mom and daughter were getting ready for the wedding? That thing makes me cry. Yes, I do want to savor the moments, but they will pass too quickly.

  4. Wow, where are those babies of ours?!?! Can't believe the how fast the years have gone, but I'm glad mine have gone on with you and the kiddos in it. :)


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