Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Yeah, so I've slacked off a little bit in the world of blog.........it's not like I had a goal to blog everyday, or even every other day.....I'm figuring I'm good if I get more than one or two a month, and yes I OVERUSE........................................................lol.

So when Ash was a baby, people would tell me she looked like the Olsen twins. I was usually not too pleased with that observation because I thought they were ugly as babies. I know, rude huh? I mean babies are supposed to be cute, and I guess they were cute, in their own ugly way, kinda like a pug is ugly/cute!! So as Ash has been getting older and hittin those tween years, I've been hearing more along the lines of her lookin like Cameron Diaz. I think this pic really reminds me of Cameron...what do ya'll think?

So here are a couple more of her, we went to a church activity with the youth and hit a corn maze, at night, in the dark, with a bunch of tweeners and teeners!! The ear piercing screams could be heard from miles away!

There were a few farm animals around too, on account of it being held on a farm and all. I thought this little guy was adorable.

Pig in a Blanket anyone??!! This struck me as hilarious, my ex-husband is in a band called "Pigs in a Blanket", so named because the majority of the band members worked for the police dept. Pigs/cops, get it? Anywho, it got me gigglin a little bit.

On another topic. My dr. put me on a strict low-fat diet with 45 minutes of cardio a day. My cholesterol levels were way too high, and with my heart issues I have to be careful. So food, to me, is one of life's simple pleasures, and he's gonna take all the fun out of that. He didn't say I couldn't eat sugar though. Thanks heavens for that. In all honesty though, I really do need to change my eating/exercise habits. I'm happier when I exercise, I feel better and in the long run will be very beneficial for my health.
Here are a couple of cards I made. The penguin is from the Joys of the Season cricut cartridge, and the birthday one is just a quickie I threw together.
I've been working 4 10's now, since the beginning of Oct. It makes for a really long day, and when I finally get home, I don't feel like doin a dang thing. However, I'm really diggin the long weekends!!!
And with that said.........I'm outta here!!


  1. she does look like cameron diaz! What a pretty girl! Good uck on the diet/exercise

  2. Oh, I LOVE those cards!! I need to break out my cartridge and make me one of those little penguins!!!


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