Monday, November 3, 2008

Me...20 years ago!

Ash decided to go as an 80's there such a thing??? So, since I grew up in the 80's, basically she was going as ME 20 yrs ago! Man do I feel old. Really old. Anyway, she was decked out with blue eyeshadow, crimped hair, rainbow leg warmers and lots of bangles on her arm. I drew the line at her wearing thermal underwear with boxers over them...(yes, unfortunately I did wear that......and out in public, what an embarrassment to my mom-sorry mom!) So here are a few pics of her!! I think these pics were more scary than alot of the costumed trick or treaters that showed up at our door................
Decorating Halloween cookies..........yummy!!
No she's not grumpy... ;)

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  1. I know what THOSE cookies are!! Yummo!!

    Great costume Ash!!


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