Tuesday, December 9, 2008

So Thankful

for family and friends, for freedom and faith, for all the little things that get taken for granted on a daily basis. Thanksgiving was very nice this year, my sis and her family were able to come from up north and spend the holiday with us. Ash and I cut out of the weekend a little bit and headed to Vegas. My girlfriend had bought tickets for her girls to see the JONAS BROS!!! and they each got to invite a friend. So, Cass invited Ash to go!!

Ash captured some fun pictures of little things that made her smile as we spent the weekend in Vegas..........here....................

She took over the camera and started "documenting" our stay!!! I know I wouldn't have taken the same pics she did, but it's fun to see things from her perspective. The Paris has some really nice rooms, I would highly suggest staying there if you ever get the chance. A caution sign, our room number, and Paris Blvd, where you can shop, spend the day in the spa, and then go get married!
<<<<<<< something to quench our thirst and directions on where to go when we had no clue how to get out of there!

<<<<<<<<<and of course the cutest JONAS BROther EVAH...

..Ash insisted on getting these flip flops at Santa's workshop...Hello..I could have made some exactly like them...I guess sometimes it's more fun to shop than create, I dunno..I kinda like to create, but she had to have them.

We picked up Jordan when we got into town and he hung with us the rest of the day, which made me extremely happy. I miss my boy. He's such a good kid, and I'm not just saying that because he's mine, he actually is a very good kid.

We braved the mall on Saturday.........what a nightmare, but we survived and Jordan was laid back and happy to just be hangin with all the girls, (a couple of cute girls, I might add!!) So here's us, the latest but maybe not the greatest pic ever, but it captures memories and moments and that is another thing I am thankful for.

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