Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas and Basketball

Strangely, this Christmas was one of the better ones that I've had in a few years. I say strange, because I spent the holidays with my ex and my ex in-laws. I was planning on going down to Vegas for Jordan's basketball tournament on Friday and Saturday after Christmas, but they all invited me down for Christmas Eve and Christmas. It was so much fun to renew relationships with the family, we played games and ate lots of food. Christmas Eve tradition is to have seafood of some kind, and every year the family has baklava soup....very good, and always crab dip with crackers. Christmas morning is always italian sausage, eggs, and this year we also fixed french toast, cinnamon rolls and sweet bread. I was very grateful to be included because I haven't spent a Christmas with Jordan for a couple years. Here's a pic of us! He's so handsome and such a great kid.

Jordan and Ash playing Guitar Hero, Ash rocks on the drums, I can't believe how fast she picked it up. I actually played too, for the first time ever. I eventually made it from beginner to easy, and didn't do too bad! Course, I was just playing bass, someday maybe I'll try the other instruments...I'll never be the singer though. I don't sing..AT ALL. Ok, that's not really true, I sing in the car with the radio up really loud, so loud that I can't hear myself sing.. ;)
Jordan after playing in his b-ball tournament. It was so fun watching him play........LOVE it!! It was great fun and I'm glad I was able to spend that time with him.

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