Thursday, February 24, 2011 weekend starts

in two hours!!! I'm gettin off work early, pickin up the kid from school, going home to pack and heading out! Where am I going you might wonder...and even if y ou don't wonder, I'm gonna tell ya anyway! PRIMM.....yep, that's where I'm going for a couple days. Where is PRIMM you might ask?'s in the middle of I-15 between Vegas and..... whatever else lies beyond Vegas, which would be a lot of deserty landscape, some run down little ghostly towns and then I think ya might eventually hit Bakersfield CA.

Primm isn't somewhere that I would just "choose" to go...but the cool thing that my very very very good bestest friend and her family are there for the weekend for the WORCS races...(quad racing--4 wheelers)) ! and Ash are headed down to spend time with them. My Ash and her Cass are very good friends too, so this will end up kinda being a girls weekend! We plan on eating (of course!), shopping (duh!), Steph and I will hit the casino for a little gamblin (shhhhh..don't tell) and then of course, more eating, shopping, and laughing, shopping, eating, laughing, (a little more gambling) and then maybe a little birthday dinner for Ash. My Ash will be 15 on Sunday.....holy crap! Not ready for that.

On the way home, we plan on stopping in Vegas. I really want to go to RETRO BAKERY in Vegas, I saw them on Bakerella's blog and SOOOO want one of those cupcakes......or 7!!

I'll let ya know how the weekend goes, and hopefully will have a lot of pics to share!


  1. My son and hubby would LOVE to go to the races. That's their kind of thing. Me? I'll gladly join you for shopping, eating and playing some slots. Have fun!:-)

  2. Yum! Eat a cupcake for me. :) Have a great weekend....sounds totally fun.

  3. Have an awesome time! Is this your last hoorah before the wedding? Lol!

  4. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me. Have fun, I'm sure you will :)
    Wish you could share the cupcakes ;)


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