Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wow!! Thanks!

Becky, over at Fourth House on the Right gave me this blog award

How nice is that?!!!! Super nice I tell ya!! You should check out Becky's blog, she is always creating something so cute and has some crazy cool talent!!

With this award we are a supposed to share it with 3-5 other blogs that have under a 100 followers. I just wanted to say to everyone thanks for blogging, I've made some really nice online friends and have found tons of inspiration. Keep up the good work!!

Ok..so here are my choices:

1) Delanie-she is doing a project called A Month of Me, she is taking a picture of herself or a feature or just something that she does everyday for a month and documenting it. I thought that was a really neat idea, too many times, us as scrappers are the ones behind the camera and our stories get forgotten or we only show tiny glimpses into who we are. Go check her out, maybe she will inspire us all to do some kind of "ME" project!

2)Renee I came across this talented lady and her blog on 2peas and just really love her style. She's getting back into scrapping and blogging after taking a break, so go visit her and tell her hi!

3) Stephanie-Oh what can I say about this girl?!!! She is funny, talented, and super cool. We are so similar it's kind of freaky, but we've gotten used to it and just laugh..we can literally finish each others sentences and pretty much just communicate through brain waves and across hundreds of miles of space, there are no need for words anymore!! ;) Steph just finished an organizing project, and this girl cleaned up...you should go check it out!!

Ok...that's it for me, I've sat here for too long and am now in danger of being late for work....ya know I still have to shower and do my hair and all. The girls at work are throwing me a bridal shower of some sort................ugh..kill me now!!! Don't get me wrong...I appreciate it, I just DO NOT LIKE anything that puts me in the center of attention. Gives me some anxiety. Wish me well, maybe I should find a valium somewhere...anyone?? ;)


  1. Awards are super fun and I LOVE the fact this one is for Blogs under 100 followers:)

    I am gonna check out all these blogs!!!


  2. Yay, thanks for accepting and for the all the nice stuff you said about me :) Hope your shower went okay. What are you going to do the day of the wedding, you'll really be the center of attention then! Lol

  3. Congrats on the award, you picked the perfect blogs to pass this on to.
    Aww how sweet of the girls at work to do this.


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