Friday, September 23, 2011's been awhile

since I've done anything. I've been stressed out the WAH-ZOOOOO, I've been just surviving the day and getting by.  I'm done with that.  Life is too short to be stressed over things I don't have any control over.  I've felt a slap in the face and it's been a wake up call.  I need to focus on the things in life that I actually do have control over and basically that just means me.

I have control over me, that's it.  I don't have control over anything or anyone else.  So, if I complain about something that I have control over, but I'm not doing a dang thing about...then that is MY BAD.  I can't change the economy, or get my husband a steady, higher paying job, I can't make my kids do all the right things and make all the right choices, they need to learn some things out for themselves, and I can't change things that have happened in the past, even if that past was just recently. I can't magically make the 20 lbs that I lost and regained disappear without some good old fashioned hard work and self control.

I can only change myself, my attitude, my outlook and my actions.  I struggle with being positive, not that I'm negative, however, I tend to stay right in the middle. I tend to just look at things the way they are and that is that.  I'd like to think that I dwell above that line for most of the part, I just don't get too overly excited about things or too overly down about things.  I do however, STRESS.  And I'll just end up making myself sick and tired and my stressing isn't going to change the situation either way.  My attitude though, might just change everything.  At least change my perspective and my outlook and give me the strength to not just survive the day, but LIVE it!

I hope all of you LIVE.  Live today like it's on purpose, enjoy the day...even if it's not the best one.  LIVE....... don't just survive. The day is going to happen regardless of anything else, how we choose to see it and spend the time we have will determine if we are LIVING or surviving.  

Hmmm....I wonder if LIVE should have been my one little word!!!  ;)

Happy Friday!!


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  2. This is such great advice. I have been trying really hard to focus on this too. I get myself so stressed and sick over things (little things or things I have no control over) and forget to enjoy and live life. These past few months have been hard but I am determined to at least have a little bit of joy every day.

  3. This is a hard one to learn. I am a control freak. I didn't realize until my sister brought it to my attention...then so did my daughter, husband, friend, lol.
    But once you let go of certain things it is freeing.
    But it isn't something we do steps, lol.

  4. So true Sharla. Stress can really hurt a person and the people around them too. Have you ever read The Secret? It's a great book, I checked it out at the library...


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