Friday, September 23, 2011

When did this happen???

At the DMV, getting her learner's permit to drive!  Holy cow, I knew this day was coming, but certainly wasn't ready for it.  It's such a milestone and another step to growing up and finding some independence.  She was so excited and I do have to say that she did a pretty good job at driving home.  I know that every time we get into the car from now on, she's gonna wanna be sitting behind the wheel.  I definitely have mixed feelings about this, but it's life, and part of life is growing up! 


  1. Awww look at her smile, she is so proud :)
    My daughter didn't get hers right away and always tells girls her age to not make the mistake of waiting.
    Good Job :)

  2. I KNOW how you feel, Sharla! My Jackson gets his driver's license in few weeks. He will be 17 in December. What?!! 17!!!!!!!!!!!! I just can't fully wrap my mind around this!! He will be serving a mission in our church in TWO YEARS!!!

    Your daughter is beautiful...just like her Mom:)

  3. Ugh, my heart hurts. She is so beautiful, such a pretty smile :) Abie is 9 I don't want to think about this yet. Haha!


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