Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Art Journal, Reach & Shine

Here are my art journal pages for the e-course that my friend has put together, this week our word was reach.  I took a quote from her course and made a page as well.  They didn't turn out how I envisioned, but I guess that's the beauty of art, it kind of takes on a life of it's own!


  1. My projects usually don't turn out quite like I envisioned either-I think you are absolutely right that the art kind of takes over and makes itself unique! I've heard writers say something similar about how their story characters took over and the story didn't end up like they originally thought.

  2. Sharla...I LOVE your shine page. It is a beauty. My art never comes out the way I see it either...that is one of my biggest frustrations...trying to just go with it...but that's hard!

  3. Sharla, these are beautiful!


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