Saturday, February 9, 2013

Right now......

I'm suffering from a sugar coma thanks to these dangerous, but oh so lovely bits of heaven! When it comes to these...I seriously have NO CONTROL.  ugh.  So, after indulging...I'm now suffering the consequences.... a sugar high. What can I say, I totally love them!!  Good thing they are only seasonal !! ;)

Also, right now, I am watching the Notre Dame and Louisville basketball game.  They are in the 3rd OT of the game and right now are tied ......and heading to a 4th OT.  I'm not a ND or Louisville fan, but love basketball. I was clicking through channels and this game was still on from over two hours ago when I saw it on the screen waiting to pick up pizza.  No matter who wins, this is definitely an exciting game!

Watched Wreck it Ralph today with my Ash and my parents....cute movie!
Bought a shelf for the storage room and did some made me happy!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend, and those that are burried in snow and bad weather....stay warm and safe!!


  1. Mmmmm, they look yummy Sharla!

  2. I love those too!!! And we loved Wreck it Ralph!! Such a cute movie!!

  3. Don't get me started - I've eaten about 3 lbs of them. So far. This week. BTW, you can get them all year in Canada (where I live) - I supply them to my sister who lives in WI. Enjoy!

  4. Sounds like a very fun weekend! yummm those look good - I recently made some treats bags in which i had to fill them with treats :) so long story short I've finished almost an entire bag of chocolate kisses - so I can relate to a sugar high:)

    Enjoy the rest of your day.

  5. Kristy just bought a few small bags of these today.
    Even though she is trying to eat healthy as well...but I told her, eat them like me..suck on them, then peel the coating off, then let the chocolate melt in your mouth.
    They will take longer to eat, plus burn a calorie or so while doing it....bonus, teehee.
    It is always fun to organize our creative goodies :)


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