Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Favorite #5

Favorite Disney Princess................if this was my daughter's answer it would be Ariel, of course, that is where the love of Mermaids come from.

    But, this is MY favorite princess.  Most likely because of our mutual love of books- Of far off adventures, sword fights, daydreams and  a prince in disguise!  Books make her happy.  Books make me happy.  I love reading a book, getting to the end, being a little disappointed that it's over, but looking forward to the next one.  So many books, so little time.  I used to read for hours and hours after school, on the weekend, whenever I could get a few minutes of reading time in, then my nose would be in a book.  I usually have a book in my purse, and now on my kindle, so I am truly, never without a book.  One Saturday when I was a teenager, I shut myself in my room and read two books. I also read 7 books in a 5 day timeframe, while working full time!  That is how much I love to read.  I love being turned on to new books and authors and fully immersing myself in the story.  LOVE it!

I also like Belle, because she is able to see the person underneath the surface, to see that there is goodness underneath all the gruffness.  She is a little stubborn, she sacrifices for her father, she takes a bad situation and makes the best out of it.  She is positive, honest and kind. 

 And in the end, she falls in love, breaks the spell and gets her Prince.  And that huge library full of books.  She gets that too!! ;)

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  1. Belle is awesome!! We got to meet her at Disneyland last year!!


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