Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday Favorites #6

My favorite sport.........................has got to be this one.
 Both kids play and I played when I was in high school, but I'll spare everyone the pic of me playing.  Back in the 80's with the big hair and shorter b-ball shorts.....not a pretty picture.

 Had fun watching Jordan play, he played in Vegas, so we would travel down there as often as we could to catch a game.  Ashlie has one more year of high school ball and then we will be done.  Kinda bittersweet. 


  1. What's not to live about round ball?

  2. Awh, I love the pics of the kids, but would LOVE to see one of you Sharla! Lol! Abie started playing club volleyball this past winter and I was dreading the all day tournaments, but now twe're in the off season, i miss it and can't wait for the season to start!


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