Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Favorites #8

Today...I'm going to talk eyeliner.  This is the liner I used for's  a brow/eye pencil, and I found that it didn't smear and leave me looking like I'd been beaten up or on an all night bender.  I did have to use my trusty lighter though to melt the pencil a little so it would go on darker and smoother. 

It was a happy accident when I used my daughters eyeliner, she had picked up the wrong color and gave it to me. This is what I used and I found that I LOVE it!  It goes on smooth and doesn't crumble.  I ran out and went to pick up more, got a different brand and it was horrible. It crumbled everytime and it smeared.  So, this is my new favorite eyeliner.  It's smooth and the color does stay! I used black/brown and I love it!    These opinions are 100% mine, no compensation, no modeling contracts, just my honest opinion.   :D


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  1. Lol, you make me laugh Sharla! I used the $1 wet and wild eyeliner for years and now I use black eye shadow and an eyeliner brush. Takes a a couple of minutes to put it on, but I love how soft it looks, and no smearing!


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