Monday, August 4, 2008


Well the day that Twila and I were dreading has arrived. Our friend Cheri moved to Salt Lake City today, which is about 4.5 hours away from us. This is a very sad time, I actually wanted to cry, in fact I did. Cheri, Twila and I would joke that we were each others "dates", we just would get together about twice a month and do a movie and dinner. Dinner was usually at Chili's unless one of us really wanted something else, but usually we ended up at Chili's. Once we met for lunch at the Pizza Factory and talked for 4 hours, we were there for the lunch AND dinner crowd. Im sure the employees wondered if we even had a life. We found our time together theraputic, 3 single moms talking about life, children, ex's, dating, men, money, and everything else. It's going to be a lot different now with Cheri gone. It's a good thing we have text messages, instant chat,blogs, and phones to keep in touch with each other. Twila & I decided we need to go to Salt Lake every now and then, and Cheri will be back here too. It's always sad when something good in your life changes and isn't there anymore like it used to be. I wish Cheri all the luck in the world in her new life..see ya soon girl!!!

Chili's and a Movie!!!!

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  1. I just talked to Cheri tonight, and she has two job offers and has found a place to live! And she went and saw Mama Mia AGAIN!


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