Saturday, August 2, 2008

Just an update

Here are a few pictures from the 24th of July, (Pioneer Day, state holiday!). It's been a family tradition and almost like a family reunion that every July 24th we spend the day in Beaver at the horse races, and this year I didn't mind it because my dad had a horse running. Actually I have part interest in the horse as well and it's name is Sharla's Dream, kinda cool. My dad's side of the family is big into thouroughbred horses, raising, training, racing. His cousin trains the horse and his son is the jockey. I think the "horse" gene skipped the girls in my family, because we go just to support my dad and his interests, but the races are actually very exciting when you have your own horse running.

Isn't he a beauty?

Getting ready...After the race and WE WON!!!

My dad and my sweet grandpa helping to cool him down after the race.
Here are a couple of cute pics of my cousins. Lindsey, she's so cute and can totally pull of the pink hair!! Kylie and Ashlie, how cute!!

So that's it! We had a great day, visited with lots of family and friends and had a great WIN to top it all off.

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  1. That horse is just gorgeous and your grandpa is not too bad either! Just thinking about you hoping all is well in your neck of the woods


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