Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dallas 1/2 Marathon Baby!!!

It's now something I can cross off my list, although, I'm not really sure it was on my list to begin with.....anyway, somehow it made it on and now it can be crossed off. Whew!! What a rush, and not necessarily in a good the end, seriously I just wanted to be done. In fact, when I saw the finish line, I took off, running faster than I had before because I knew that once I was across that line, then I was done. I could stop. Just get me to that line. I was spent, I had to pee, and I had nothing left to give. My time....not great, but not too bad for my first time ever. 2 hours and 42 minutes...give or take a few seconds. Who does that? Runs for over 2 hours....crazy people do, that's who, and most of these people .....LOVE IT!! Will I ever run a 1/2 marathon again?????? Good question, right now I don't have the answer, but I wouldn't rule it out completely...I mean just look at how happy we look!! We did have a ton of fun too and meeting some pretty dang awesome people. I even got my picture with BILL PHILLIPS, he's a total rock

Before the marathon. Me, Eme, Mark, and Julie with Bill Phillips. Me, Mark, Lorenza & Cathy

After the race!! I am smiling, because I was done, and didn't die on the side of the road. Hmmm, the Vegas 1/2 is coming up in December, that is plenty of time to consider running again!! :D


  1. That's so awesome!! I'm so proud of you!! You wanted to do something...and you DID IT!!

  2. Wow Congrats to you. This is awesome.


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