Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Men at Work

Ewwwww....*sniff, sniff*, what in the hell is that stench? Oh, nevermind, it's just my co-worker lettin loose in his office. Yes, this is what happens when you work with men.

The one in the back office belches, the one across from me.......I can literally HEAR him breathe, like the whistling through the nasal passages whistling......ugh! And then, there's the one with the flatuence problem. He does try ( I think) to keep from stinkin up the office, because he keeps a can of air freshener in his office and I know to go turn on my scentsy lamp when I hear the spray of his can a goin......seriously can you not take your problem to the bathroom? Or, maybe shut your office door? One day it was so bad that my scentsy warmer couldn't even cover the smell..... maybe I should just turn it on first thing in the morning and maybe that would help!

For the most part these guys are absolutely great to work with and I wouldn't trade them for any of the other guys in the whole office, but once and awhile.....all the maleness just gets a little old. I definitely need to take a break and go surround myself with girly stuff!!


  1. I am sorry but this is funny, why? Because I don't have to deal with it. Well except for hubby. Except he insists his don't stink LOL

  2. *snort*....well, you could trade one of those men in your office for ME, but that wouldn't solve your problem, I'm afraid!

  3. One word: matches.

    Start flamin' girlfriend!!!

  4. LOL, haha I totally get that!! I used to work in an all guy enviroment, but now I am SAHM oh wait I have all boys, still the same whether 3 or 33. Oh well I guess we just get used to it!!


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