Monday, April 12, 2010

The Wrong Side of the Bed.......

that's how I woke up this morning. Why? Um, because my 14 year old daughter didn't want to sleep in her room last night. So, she pulled in all of her blankets, pillows, etc and made herself a little nest on the side of my bed with only about 2.5 feet of space for her to sleep in. Why, you might ask, don't I just let her sleep in my bed with me....well because I have a hard time sleeping to begin with and she moves around TOO much. The last time I had to sleep with her, I got an elbow in the face. So, she's on the floor. Is it weird that a 14 year old still gets a little scared and wants to sleep in her mommy's room? So needless to say, whenever she sleeps in my room.....I don't sleep so well, (nothing new..I have sleep issues to begin with), but everytime she moves she ends up banging into something and I have to lean over the side of the bed to make sure she hasn't knocked herself out! I'm only halfway kidding!! She is very well protected from concussions in the middle of the night by the tons of pillows and blankets she brings in to sleep with, I'm not that mean of a mom! ;)

Let me just say in her defense, that we live in an older apartments complex and there are always noises and sounds that kinda freak her out. She sleeps with a fan, which helps drowned out other noises, people talking in their apartments, cupboards slamming, etc, but that's not good enough, because she still feels alone and scared. To remedy that, I've let her get into the very bad habit of sleeping with the tv on. Well, a couple days ago, her dvd player took a's done & completely dead. She felt that as long as she could fall asleep to a video, (usually Cake Boss) then she didn't feel like she was alone. I know.....a little strange, but it seemed to work for her and she would fall asleep fairly fast. Now the dvd/tv combo is done for and she has nothing but the fan to keep her company at night. I'm not sure when I will be able to replace her tv, and at this point I'm not sure I want to....that is unless she starts nesting on my floor everynight!!

Anyone else have this happen??? Anyone else do this themselves when they were children?
It's not often, so I'm not too worried about it....unless it becomes a nightly battle..then I might be on the hunt for a new tv/dvd player!


  1. You caved, huh?! LOL!!! I told you to put her on the couch!! Hahahah!!! You can't lose any more sleep, woman. You're already working in the negative!! :P

  2. My youngest was like that. What I did was I would lay with her, then sneek out of her room and go to mine.
    I don't think that its a big deal to give your child security.
    But YOU do need your sleep too.

  3. I get you on the being tired thing - I don't know what my problem is at the moment. I am sleeping through.. but just not feeling refreshed when I wake up - I do not know what the deal is - but it can move on anytime it likes LOL

  4. How about getting her an iPod or something similar and letting her listen to some of her favorite tunes while she goes to sleep. That will surely fade out all the background noises, and give her something else to focus on as she falls asleep. :) Just an idea!

  5. When I was a teen, I had to fall asleep to music - every single night. Good luck with finding a new dvd player.


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