Thursday, March 17, 2011

Heaven in 32 flavors!

Seriously, how can you choose??? I mean, look at these little puffs of sweet cream and moist cake with some cool colors and unique flavors. We got 16 different ones and tried them all. 3 bites into them and you started getting that sugar rush, but did that stop us???? UM, NO!! I was mad though after we left because I forgot to get the butterscotch one and the maple bacon, that will be on my list for next time!!!
There was pink lemonade, chocolate loves vanilla, chocolate loves strawberry, smores, cookies and cream, cinnamon toast, triple chocolate, glazed donut, salty carmel, cotton candy, grasshopper, and a couple others that I was too stoked up on sugar to remember. If you ever get to VEGAS...go to RETRO BAKERY, you won't regret it!!!! ;)


  1. OMG - that looks sooooo good. I'd have to have one of each too! :)

  2. ohhhh now your talkin'.
    Those look so delish, my mouth is seriously watering here.
    Need Cupcakes :)

  3. First I am very happy to have come to know my blog!
    I want to thank you immensely for his comments and say that it left me flattered.
    I am always visiting your blog, now that I know the way, ever come back.
    Those look amazing!!!!
    Hugs from Brail

  4. I would like to thank you for visiting my blog!!!!
    This made ​​me very happy and also by his words too!!!
    Heartfelt thanks.
    A big hug from your Brazilian friend.
    PS. My blog i's in english just for my new friends!!!

  5. Hi! Momo sent me your way. I'm suddenly in the mood for something very sweet! The cupcakes look delicious!!! Looking forward to following your blog ~ Lu

  6. thoses look so good i love cupcakes lol momom sent me

  7. Oh yum, that looks AMAZING!!

  8. OH MY!! My mouthi is watering looking at those. LOL I would have had to freeze them so I could have one a day! LOL New follower here, congrats on your wedding, you have a beautiful family. Found you from Momo's site.


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