Saturday, March 26, 2011

Some random photo goodness!! ;D

I've been busy..........super busy.  I've been organizing, cleaning, working, playing soccer mom, basketball mom, now I'm playing the wife role too, working at my job working and helping a friend make a scrapbook for her husband for his birthday (which is today) the album is of his dad, who just passed away this past Christmas.

Have I had time to scrap?  (Other than helping my friend)...not much.  I have however been working on my Project Life album and will share some pages in a day or two.  For now, I'm just gonna share a little bit of random everyday life!!

Me and Ash at lunch for my birthday!

My dad, giving Ash some basketball advice.  LOVE this picture!!! I have a super great dad!

 My mom and Ashlie at a cake decorating class, it was Ashlie's birthday gift from my parents! I have a super cool mom too! :)

 My cutie Ash, she watches Cake Boss, DC Cupcakes, the Ultimate Bake Off, and any cake decorating show she can find.  I don't know how many times she has watched the season 1 of Cake Boss, she used to fall asleep to it! 
Ahhhhh, don't eat me!!! This was up in Springdale, by Zions National Park at the Majestic View Lodge, they have a small museum, with wildlife.

 Zion's National beautiful!

At the end of the Riverwalk Trail in Zion's before the narrows, on the bank we came across hundreds of piles of rocks.  It was really kind of bizarre and cool to see, I wondered what the significance was, but it seemed totally random and people were just piling up the rocks, so we had to contribute with a pile of our own.  

 Rock piles.....pretty dang cool!
 Us..........newly wed, spending some time in one of the prettiest places on earth.  (Zions)
 Soccer, on a cold, cloudy day, 43 degrees, Ash was freezing........and then the rain came!!  Ahhh, gotta love it!! dedication, and I wouldn't miss it for anything.  I love this game, love this girl and love watching her play.

 Sorry for some of the blurry pics, my mom took them and she's more challenged with the camera than I am.  So, this is how we spent our morning.  I don't think Ash had ever been more grateful than when she got in the nice hot shower!


  1. Thanks for sharing bits of you life with us.
    I see you are doing Project Life, did you get the kit. I am doing it on my own.
    My oldest dreams of having her own cupcake shop.....then reality strikes :(

  2. wonderful pictures! everyone looks so happy! I love family! tfs!!

  3. Thank you, Sharla! You are a great Mom!! That was me a few Saturdays ago at Em's game. Sooooo cold and rainy but I love it!!!!:)

    You are soo pretty, girlfriend;)

    Love your bright happy is rubbing off on me today which I need. Thank you!

  4. Great pictures! You have been busy. A happy late birthday to you and your daughter. :)


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