Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Favorite #3

Right now my favorite Netflix tv series is ....................PSYCH!!!  Oh my gosh, if you haven't seen this, you really need to.  I started to watch the first season and kinda lost interest but then a few weeks ago started watching again and LOVE it!  Ash and I watch an episode here and there, and if we have time, we will watch several episodes, one right after the other.   we're Psych buddies, so we can't watch an episode without the other person there!!

  It is a little goofy, certainly not a serious crime drama, but there are so many of those on tv anyway.  This is a little light hearted, a ton of goofy, and the chemistry with Shawn and Gus is plain awesome!  The more I watch, the more I pick up on all the little's just a fun series and I have LOL'd many, many times.  So...if you're looking for a new series to watch, give this one a chance and let me know what ya think.  Or, if you already watch...are you a fan?  Think it's dumb??    Who is your favorite character??  Let's talk! :D

Here is one of my favorite scenes from Season 2 episode 1 called "American Duos"  Shawn and Gus perform Tears for Fears "Shout" ...........SO FUNNY, I had to rewind and watch several times.  I was a child of the 80's and loved Tears for Fears, so I guess this just struck me as hilarious, esp Shawn's hair...perfect!!

A few more stills from the show that I love!

That's it for my Favorite Friday #3.   What is your favorite tv show right now??? Do tell! :)


  1. I haven't heard of this show.
    But we do the exact same as you and your daughter. We get hooked on a show and then have marathons of them...but can't watch it without whoever was all watching it ;)

  2. I haven't watched Psych :) My fave show right now is still Law & Order SVU :)


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