Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Favorites

I thought it would be fun to do a post on Fridays  all about what my favorite things are at the moment. Sometimes I might add one thing, two or more. It might be a quote, a food, a pic, a project...who knows, maybe a color combination or something that I find along the way that is new to me or an old favorite!

So here are my picks for the first Friday Favorites.

The Piano Guys.  Ok, if you have heard these guys, then you know what I am talking about.  They are beyond AMAZING!  They are also are local to my hometown and I went to school with Paul (middle in front) and my friends son just started working with them... if you haven't heard of them, please do yourself a favor and look them up on YouTube.  WATCH them, I mean actually watch them.  Steven Sharp plays the Cello and because my daughter plays violin, I'm partial to string instruments, but everyone involved exudes pure JOY, seriously it puts a huge smile on my face just watching them.  They have a bunch of videos, they have a Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Titanium, Coldplay featuring Alex Boye, they have collaborations with other artists, and the videos are a visual masterpiece.  Seriously, I know I'm just rambling about these guys, but they are plain AWESOME and give me serious goosebumps!

This quote. It speaks to me right now. Not that I'm going to go out and change the world, discover some great miracle cure for disease or win American Idol, Top Model or a Noble Peace Prize...BUT, I can change my tiny little corner of the world. I can change me.  I can change my attitude and I can change the way I see life and respond to the challenges and trials that come my way.  THAT....I can do.


Love Potion #31-Baskin Robbins.  So divine, it is only seasonal and my local BR is almost out....I'm hoping to get one more pint before it is all gone until next year.  It is a little bit of heaven for my taste buds! :D

Paris Nights by Bath and Body Works- my bestie got me the lotion and perfume for my Christmas/birthday present and I seriously LOVE it!  Thanks Steph :)

Well, that's it for this Friday Favorites....a little something for the soul, the sweet tooth and the body!!  

What are your favorite things right now???


  1. LOVE this "friday favorites" thing you got! Super super cute! And that ice cream looks crazy good!

  2. What a fun idea for a blog post! Our Baskin Robbins isn't very easy to get too, but I'm really going to try and get to it to try out that ice cream!

  3. What a fun post!! I love the quote!! And wow, the ice cream looks delicious!! I feel like going out right now to get some!! I bet the Paris Night smells amazing!! Have a great evening :)

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