Thursday, March 6, 2014

100 Happy Days-Week 1

So I found this challenge on FB, checked it out and thought I'd do it.  It's not that hard, it  is a challenge to help find something each day that makes you happy.  It's a great way to look for the little daily things that put a smile on your face.  I'm doing it daily on Instagram but thought I'd blog once a week with a recap.

Day 1 started with my daughter's 18th birthday, yeah....I'm freakin out about that one.  Can't believe my baby is 18!!!    This pic isn't on her birthday, but it's a cute one that shows her personality!

          Day 2:  5:00 on a's quittin time and that can't come fast enough!  Let the weekend begin!! 

Day 3:  Love Potion 31 from Baskin is DIVINE!!  My hubby and I got some ice cream and sat up on the Dixie hill overlooking the town, a totally perfect moment!

Day 4:  New copics.....markers just make me happy, so they will always put a smile on my face!!  

Day 5:  Happy Mail!!!  I won blog candy on Tracy's Treasure blog and it came in the getting wonderful little surprises like this!!  

Day 6:  This always makes me happy....I have a 25+ year addiction to this stuff and I really wish I could quit...but honestly, part of me just doesn't want to.  DIET are my happy!! :)

Day 7:  Me and the hubster....we celebrated 3 years of marriage.  I know this pic is really pretty crappy, but ya know how sometimes you're the last picture to think of taking....yeah, well, that was us!  Sometimes we're kinda lame...but I love us!!  We had dinner at Olive Garden with family and some of them got better yay them!  This was us at the end of the day...we had been out and about ALL DAY and were pretty tired and ready to be home. 

So, my first week of 100 Happy Days started with a birthday and ended with an anniversary....that's a pretty good week if ya ask me!!    

Now GO and be HAPPY!!  :D


  1. Loving the photos ... happy birthday to your DD!!!

  2. Awesome collections of memories Sharla!!! Love it! TFS your happy moments with us :)
    Have a FAB weekend :)


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