Thursday, March 27, 2014

#100happydays-Week 4 recap

Man, the weeks are just flying by, I can't believe we are almost at the end of March!  Time needs to slow down just a little...especially because I've got less than 2 months before my Ash graduates...I'm really not ready for that!

Here is a recap of my happy moments caught and recorded for the past week.

                                                                              Day 22:

This day, I was SO grateful for.  I got a phone call last Tuesday from a guy that is part of The Exchange Club and said that Ashlie was nominated as an Outstanding Student of the Month for March, and to please come to our award breakfast where she will get the award and a scholarship.  Amazing!!  We had no idea what kind of scholarship and was completely shocked when Dixie State awarded each of the kids selected to receive a One Year Paid Tutition!!!!  AWESOME!!  I felt a huge weight just lift  from my shoulders that I didn't know I was carrying...but trying to figure out how to pay for college is pretty dang stressful.  SO grateful!


                                                                                 Day 23:

I finally worked out.  I have been so lazy's terrible, but this day, I worked out hard, felt muscles that I didn't know existed and felt like I had accomplished something major for the day!  Now, I just need to do it more than once every 3 months!! ;)

                                                                             Day 24:
We had a BBQ at my parents house on this day, Ash and her friend and their dates were there for Preference and we planned to feed them, grilled up some burgers and hot dogs, made some salads, chips and drinks.  I took this pic of my parents backyard.  I pretty much grew up here and have a lot of great memories, my dad had just trimmed up the tree, but usually it is full and gives some awesome shade.  LOVE it!!


                                                                            Day 25:
My parents!  This day was their 46th wedding anniversary....HOLY COW, that's like ......FOREVER!  They are too cute and have been such a great example of what love and commitment looks like.  They are the most helpful and service minded people I know, they serve with love and compassion and they put each other first.  They are patient with each other and they say they are sorry if need be. They don't keep score or hold grudges, they just love and forgive and love some more.  Love you both! :)


                                                                              Day 26:
This day ended up being a Monday, I think Mondays will be Minion Day....they make me smile, pretty much no matter what, and that's a lot to be said of Mondays!!

                                                                           Day 27:
See above......these are a couple of my crazy friends.  I love them! They help keep sanity when it seems like insanity is going to win!  We laugh, we vent, we cry..(well, not really, but we do have some very serious conversations we almost cry), we go to lunch, we go on drink runs, we sometimes get together and make crafty things.  They definitely help my work days go by much faster, and are much more enjoyable!  Thanks girls! :D

                                                                             Day 28:
Going into Michael's for 1 copic marker with a coupon and finding some yummy goodies on a super good clearance deal!! Glitter and cheveron and gold....OH MY!!!   :)

 Well, there is this weeks recap...

I actually just sent all my days up until now to Walgreens for printing!  Now I get to put them in my PL or maybe I will get a smash book just for my #100happydays!! 

 Any suggestions?  Should I do PL, Smash them or                          do a mini album????   

                                                                  Thanks for any input!!


  1. Congrats to your daughter!!! That is AWESOME!!!!!!!!

    1. Hi Julie...thanks for the congrats...we think it's awesome too, we are so excited! :)

  2. Big Congratulations for your daughter!!! That's a Wonderful achievement :) So happy for you as a mom :)

    1. Thank you was totally unexpected and that's what made it so awesome! Seriously...the tears came when we were in the car heading home, I was that happy! (and relieved) ;)

  3. Oh my gosh that is the most amazing news ever for Ashlie!!!! Your parents ate so cute and 46 years is huge!! I've loved following along on IG with your daily pics:) I think a smash book is an awesome idea for this!!

    1. Hi Becky...I was leaning toward a Smash book as well....there will be 100 pics and a mini would be too small! Thanks for the input and thanks for the sweet comment!! :)


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