Thursday, March 13, 2014

#100HappyDays-Week 2 recap


So, if you caught my first post regarding the 100 Happy Days challenge, you'll know that I'm mainly doing the challenge on instagram, but am also doing a weekly recap here on my blog.   So for week 2, here are my happy moments.

                                                                              Day 8:
Fresh flowers in the house for the past couple weeks with Ashlie's senior night for basketball and her 18th birthday.  Gorgeous!!

                                                                                 Day 9:
A phone call from this kid! This pic is really old, he was still in high school and is now almost 23....I SO need a new and better pic!  I love phone calls from my son, when he calls, I know that he wants to talk and check in.  He has been in the Police Academy for the past 3+ weeks, so hearing from him and hearing how things are going made my happy moment for this day!   Love you J!

                                                                                  Day 10:
Woke up to see that my card featuring Some Odd Girl-Rainy Day Mae had been featured on the Some Odd Girl FB page as their first Super Star Saturday! Holy Moly....that put a huge smile on my face!


                                                                             Day 11:
                           Pancakes for dinner....YES please, and with fresh blueberries....YUMMY!!
Day 12:
Grumpy Cat! Is there anything else to say?   Grumpy keeps me company all day while sitting for hours on end at my desk.  I can relate to the grumpiness at times, I think that is why my friend gave Grumpy to me for my birthday.....hmmmmmm.   ;)
Day 13:
Lotion!!!  I can NEVER have TOO much lotion.  I am kind of a freak, and can't stand to have dry hands and especially after washing my hands....I have to put lotion on.  Touching paper without putting lotion on after washing my hands almost makes me cringe and shudder.....I know, weird..right??  
Day 14:
Ok...yesterday, I was strugglin.  I mean I was grumpier that Grumpy Cat up there and I was in a foul mood, my husband called me and said that our computer wasn't running, the internet at home was down, NOTHING was working.  Well, I need my computer. I mean, it's certainly not life or death, put damnit, it's pretty close.  I've got blogs to hop, FB to check, digi's to print out, a class  and assignments to work's kind of important, and I don't have the $$$$ right now for a new PC.  So, thankfully, my patient hubster sat and fiddled with it (neither one of us know a lot about computer maintenance) but he plugged along, did some defragging, rebooting and whatever else he did, while I stayed in the living room reading a book and staying to myself.  Believe me, when I'm in that foul of a mood, I'm better of in solitary confinement.  I'm not proud ....just keepin it real!   Eventually, whatever he did worked and we now are still up and running...and now have to start saving up for a new one, cuz I'm not sure how much longer this one will last...and I do not want CRASHING going on and losing stuff.  So backing up all my info today and then the saving will begin. 
And that my bloggy friends, ends week 2.  If you want to join in the challenge, I found the info HERE

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  1. I had heard someone mention being happy for 100 days and if anyone could be.
    I just thought it was a question….I have to admit I am happy every day. I am one lucky lady.
    I love that you are documenting it and that you are honest about your "not" so happy days.
    Great things to be happy for :)


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