Thursday, April 17, 2014

#100happydays week 7 flies by, whether we are having fun or not!! ;)   This little experiment in finding the smaller- day to day moments, things, experiences, exchanges....whatever it is that has brought a smile to my face, a lift to my heart, comfort to my soul or a laugh out loud gut busting funny....has been a happy journey all on it's own.

I sometimes find myself at the end of the day with no pic of my happy moment and it makes me stop and think back upon my day.  Sometimes, the day was just pure crap and then I have my "go-to" things that without fail at least bring me a smile.

Here are my week 7 Happy Moments

                                                                           Day 43
This has become one of my new fav shows.  I am fascinated with anything medevil, Renaissance, Kings-Queens, court intrigue,  I love anything King Arthur, Merlin, Lord of the Rings...anything that comes close to that genre..I love!! I totally look forward to Thursday nights on the CW!!
                                                                             Day 44
Do I really need to say anything else??????  This is the yummiest french toast EVER, if you have a KNEADERS near you....drop everything and go get some french toast.  You will thank me, I promise!!!  :D  It is big, thick, huge slices of cinnamon swirl bread all french toasted up and with strawberries and cream and then this delicious caramel type sauce...  absolutely divine!!

Day 45
Have I mentioned that I love to color, and that copics make me happy?  Well, they do! Copics make me happy and coloring is my therapy.  Plus it doesn't hurt when you have adorable little images to work on!  Mermaid is from A Random Fan!

Day 46
Such a powerful image, this just stirs my heart and soul.  I don't even really have the words to describe the emotions that this brings other than deep gratitude for my Savior Jesus Christ. I know He loves me, He died for me, and He atoned for my sins.  (and for all mankind)   I am grateful and full of love for Him, and hope that I can try to be more like Him each day.
                                                                                 Day 47
Must have been a Monday!!  HA!!  Minions happen to be one of my "go to" things for a quick smile or laugh...I mean, they are just too stinkin funny!

Day 48
Comfort...that is what this blanket represents.  It is my husbands, I pretty much took it over  3 years ago soon after we got married.  It's the perfect size, kind of a lap blanket, but I use it to tuck myself in at night...I know that sounds weird...but I have to have blankets tucked up right under my chin and I don't really want the sheets, blanket and comforter, so this one little blanket works perfectly!

Day 49
This is another happy moment, when a cute image comes together to make a cute card!  It's just something that I have to do...create, it's like breathing or reading a book....can't live without it!!  

Well, week 7 done.....I'm interested to see what week 8 brings!!   If you want to start your own 100happydays challenge, start now and GO...Be Happy!! :)

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