Thursday, April 24, 2014

#100happydays week 8

                                   Here is my week 8 recap for my #100happydays experiment:

                                                                         Day 50
This was a Thursday night, my son and I met about halfway between here and Vegas to drop Ash off so she could spend time with her family in Vegas.  Ash isn't comfortable yet (and neither am I) with her driving on the highway for almost two hours, especially at dusk/night.  So, this gives me the perfect chance to spend a few minutes with my son, it's always a happy moment to see his handsome face!!  He is currently in the Police Academy and all the work and training is paying off, he's getting some pretty big biceps!!   He had to get pepper sprayed a few weeks ago, which made this mom really sad, he said it was the worst thing he's experienced so far.  I BET!!!

                                                                              Day 51
I love my town!! Every year at Easter weekend, we have an Art's Festival, you can see all the white tent tops.......there were 4 rows and it went two lawns deep with vendors selling photography, paintings, ceramics, wood work, jewelry, and all kinds of unique handmade items.  There are some seriously amazing and talented people out there!

                                                                                 Day 52
 This was Saturday April 19th and our work has been putting on a 5k race for the past 3 years, when we got done and were heading home we saw this hot air balloon starting to come down and I had to snap a pic....a hot air balloon ride is on my bucket list!! LOVE it! :)


Day 53
Sometimes, ya just need a good reminder that no matter how bad the day or how much procrastination happens during the day, you can always start over at anytime!

                                                                                Day 54
       It was late, I didn't have my pic for the day yet, but this girl had just gotten home from Vegas and I was more than happy to have her home.  I can understand not wanting to have the pic taken, but had to do it anyway!!  I can be mean like that!! ;)

                                                                              Day 55 I don't really like pics of myself or selfies at all, but I had to put this as proof and a reminder that working out is rewarding and that I'm always happy when I'm DONE with the workout.  I will grumble and complain before and during, but then I'm happy when it's done.  Trying to get back in the workout habit...since getting married 3 years ago, I've let myself pack on about 30lbs and am going through some seriously not good conversation with myself.  I'm not too nice to myself sometimes and especially when it comes to weight. So not only am I battling with myself verbally, but also physically.  I have to realize that I just need to work hard, take baby steps and make this a life long commitment and not a sprint to lose weight as fast as possible.  Cuz I've done that before and it never sticks................

                                                                                Day 56
A crockpot full of dinner!! That always makes me happy because I actually HATE to cook, I have 20k other things I would rather do than make dinner, I'd rather NOT eat than have to cook.  I'd rather sit on the couch and stare at the wall than get the idea.....SOOOOO when I actually have something prepared and cooking and can come home and dinner is done....that makes for one happy me!!  Plus, this is a really good dinner.  It's something that I kinda came up with after eating something similar at a restaurant.  It's a white bean chicken chowder that you eat in a bread bowl!! YUMMY!

 So there we have week's got my kids, some outside activity, some workin out, and some yummy food.  All of which makes me happy!!

Now, if anyone happens to read this, I challenge you to go and do your own 100happydays and document. If you instagram or blog it, let me know, I'd love to check it out!!   Now .....Go and Be Happy!!! :D

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