Monday, March 31, 2008

Crap, Runny Noses, Razor Blades, and more Crap

First off....I feel like crap,been sick for 3 days and stayed home from work today. I like staying home from work..just not while being sick. My nose is red and raw from running all over the place, I just hate it when your asleep and your nostril has filled up all the way to the top and starts spilling over the edge..there goes anything resembling sleep, cuz now I'm running to the bathroom for tissue before I drown in my own snot. My throat feels like some little creature had a pumpkin carving contest in there and if I have to sneeze......well, I'm in a whole lot of trouble. My nose, my throat, and if I have to pee.......oh boy, not pretty.........and it hurts. So, now that I'm done whining about how lousy I feel.............

Let's move on to more crap!!! Which is where the above picture comes into play!! I've been in a scrapbooking slump lately, the creativity has gone down the toliet...hehee...crap,toliet..I'm sure you can appreciate that analogy. This picture, along with some others I will try to post (remember I'm really new to this and am figuring it out as I's huge that I at least found the picture I was looking for) is from a trip to the zoo with my sis and her family, my parents and my daughter. I'm not a professional photographer by any means......heck, I'm not a professional anything, but I love to dink around with alot of things, which makes me only so-so in those so called things I love to dink around with. So, we are at the zoo...taking pictures, looking at animals, and it seems like the animals are a little camera posing, smiling, look straight at the camera, nope none of that....instead I get this.

and this OH so lovely image...

and, after all my attempts at photographing the animals, so I could run home and do a really cute scrapbook layout, I was slightly disappointed with the uncooperative nature of these animals. Then the thought came that I would just do a butt layout. Sure, why not? I have pictures of furry butts, nasty butts, patterned butts, have a baby giraffe butt, just missed the poopy butt, (the elephant poo picture from above). So, there ya have it. A Butt layout!!

That solved that creative slump!! And just cuz I love butt pictures so much I'll leave you with my most favorite one yet....

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  1. Girl, you have mad photography skillz!!! Hahahah!! Hope you feel better soon!!


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