Saturday, April 5, 2008

I Wish I Could Quit You

I have a Love/Hate relationship........and this is the object of my on again/off again love affair. Diet Bobby Boucher's mama says.."it's the debil"...and it's my addiction. And if you don't know who Bobby Boucher is....I suggest watching "The Waterboy"

Yesterday my goal was not to have a D.C. and I actually accomplished that it wasn't acutally a set in stone, written down, spoken out loud goal, sooooooooo... while Ash and I were at the movie..I had a soda-it was diet pepsi though, so I don't think that counts!!! It's a pretty sad thing that I've been a diet coke junkie since I was in Jr. High. On my bad days I could drink (3) 42 oz.. and it's fountain diet coke-not necessarily bottles or cans, but the fountain..yummmmmmy, it's like my constant makes me feel better instantly. That's pretty sad, I know it's an emotional addiction......but hey, if I can get through one day without it, maybe I can get through two!!

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  1. Girl, you need to quit that stuff cold turkey!! If I can give up coffee like that, so can you!!! You can do it!!


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