Friday, May 16, 2008


This is the birthday card that I made for my son. He turned 17 on the 12th, it's crazy to realize how much time has passed and how fast it's gone. Holy Cow. One year left and the kid is officially an adult. I really am not prepared for that. Maybe it's because he's been living with his dad and so in my eyes, he's still younger,maybe I just don't feel OLD enough to have a 17 yr old. Whatever the reason, time is still ticking and soon enough I will have a MAN standing in the place where my big, blue eyed boy with the curly hair was.


  1. That is a perfect card for a 17 year old...Happy Birthday to your son. And you should celebrate too!

  2. TFS a great card and such touching remarks ...

  3. What a great card! Very cool. TFS!


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