Thursday, February 19, 2009

I hate workin out..........

but, I definitely feel so much better when I'm done. I have a membership to Gold's but am shamed to say it's been weeks since I've been. Part of the reason is that it's so dang crowded after work, and I havent' been able to drag myself outta bed before dark thirty a.m. in .......well like I kinda quit going. I have however, been working out at home. I have a good selection of workout dvd's so I feel that I have a variety and can taylor it to my time schedule. I've actually been going home sometimes at lunch to get a quick 20 minute workout in.........I know, I was wondering if I could even get my heartrate up in 20 minutes, but..............I've been doing Jillian Michaels 30 day shred........and it rocks!!! I've only done level 1 so far, but have been doing it pretty consistent, I can tell I'm getting stronger and can do more pushups, situps, and my endurance has increased!! Yay, and all in 20 little minutes!!! I also rotate it with the Firm, and Turbo Jam..both of which I love too!! much as I hate the workin out while I'm in the middle of it, I sure do LOVE it when I'm done!! Now, if I could just learn to control my eating.......I might just have a chance at losing some weight.......UGH!!

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