Friday, February 20, 2009

So, this sweet sweet girl is such a blessing to me. Ever since her dad and I divorced almost 7 years ago, it's been mostly just her and I. Jordan did live with us on and off for a couple years and we loved it when he was with us, but in the end, he decided to finish out school in Vegas.

So, it's just been us girls for the most part. She is sweet and a little sassy at times, she's a total goof and is really lovable. She loves to cuddle which is good for me, because I'm not a huggy touchy person, so it helps me get more comfortable with cuddling. ........ She plays violin, LOVES soccer and the color green. She collects My Little Pet Shop pets, and Webkinz...I won't even go into how many she has. She could open her own store!! This picture is a couple years old, so at present time come next Friday she will officially be a teenager. AHHHHH!! She hasn't gotten too outta control though and I'm hoping we can keep it to a dull roar. I'm not so good with lots of tears and raging mood swings.....anyway, just wanted to do a little tribute to my awesome kids, just very blessed to be their mother!
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